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2020.11.27 04:31 GoneRampant1 [Web Animation] That time a fish and a bird were a popular ship and half a fandom lost its collective minds (the story of RWBY and Fair Game)

So what's RWBY and what's its history with LGBT rep?
RWBY is a web show made by Rooster Teeth that focuses on four girls with big weapons who fight monsters. Originally advertised off the hype-factor of showrunner and lead animator Monty Oum, the series has gradually progressed from a garage project with a shoestring budget to Rooster Teeth's flagship show, elevating the company and being sort of a big deal. It's a very contentious show that depending on who you ask is the biggest deal for pop culture since the invention of the flip book, the worst thing since the Hindenberg exploded... or just an overall 6/10 show with good moments alongside bad ones that's just good enough to not drop but frustrating enough that you wish you could. To quote the HBomberguy review of it, "I want to just call RWBY bad and move on with my life, but it's not that simple."
I think for anime fans, nothing sums up the general reaction I see to RWBY more than the quote "It's Sword Art Online if made by the West." The first seasons aren't very good and are made on very bad animation software with footage that wasn't even rendered. RWBY's production in general is a mindfuck that I could and have in the past talked at extensive length about, which I may do next time I want to write something without it being academically inclined.
As the series has progressed, it's begun tackling more mature themes and has done more in the realm of representation, both racially and sexually. As the series has gone on, RWBY has introduced a variety of female LGBT characters, ranging from lesbian Ilia Amitola, Coco Adel, Saphron and Terra Cotta-Arc, and May Marigold, who is transgender. I would include two of the protagonists, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long in there as the show is teasing a relationship between them, but after Supernatural's eleven years of queerbaiting, let's make sure they don't go to Super Hell before we cast judgement.
However, for all these leaps in representation, there has been one category left quite unfilled, and that's the topic of male LGBT representation. With the exception of one named character (who himself had two lines of dialogue and hasn't physically appeared in show for half a decade), RWBY has never had a male LGBT character on screen. It codes a lot of men as queer (coding being a term that means "the subtextual portrayal of a queer character in media whose identity is not explicitly confirmed within canon") but when it comes to pulling the trigger, the series often falls flat. As the years have gone on and the series continues to introduce more female LGBT characters, the fact that Scarlet is the one proper example has rankled some fans, especially as the confirmation was second hand- it came from a Twitter account promoting the mangas, with the account runner simply saying that writer Miles Luna had the idea and suggested it to the author of that issue (I've also written a thing in the past specifically covering why Scarlet is terrible representation). Not helping was that prior to Scarlet's reveal, the crew commentary for Volume 5 and a post-season AMA revealed that a popular character nicknamed "Pilot Boi," was meant to have a line indicating a husband in his hometown, but as the character died in his second appearance, the writing team had to be told that Pilot Boi would be a case of Bury Your Gays- a trope that describes situations where gay characters are killed. The writers even admitted in a tone-deaf manner that had they been aware of Pilot Boi's popularity, they would have stuck to their guns and kept him gay.
It's worth noting that this isn't an isolated incident in Rooster Teeth's backlog or anime in general. Many Rooster Teeth shows include female LGBT characters such as Skout in Nomad of Nowhere, Ohio in Red vs Blue and the female-presenting Val/entina Romanyszyn of gen:LOCK (who is genderfluid and expresses that they wish to transition to identifying as male during the series). The closest any Rooster Teeth product has come to a male LGBT depiction has been in Red Vs Blue season 15 which queerbaits the idea of protagonists Grif and Simmons having had a one night stand due to outside forces.
(Just to get the description out of the way here, queerbaiting is the practice of teasing LGBT representation so you can make money from that audience but then not deliver- again, Supernatural and Super Hell is a case for that)
As the series continues, one of the most popular (and really, only) candidates for a queer male character on the show is Qrow Branwen. Introduced in Volume 3 as the cool mentor uncle for protagonist Ruby Rose, Qrow is inarguably the most popular male character in the series. He gets the good fights, he looks cool, he talks good, and he's a big softie with a Tragic Anime Backstory and the series itself never giving him a break (literally, his custom superpower is an AOE bad luck ability that he can't turn off and his theme song is called Bad Luck Charm). As the series has gone on and made most of the other male cast either explicitly only into women, made them villains or have them be too young/old for their prospective shipping partners, Qrow has remained the largely unproblematic favorite pick for a hopeful male LGBT character. This is also amplified by portions of his writing that queer fans have felt draws from their experiences- in particular, that Qrow is born with something he can't control (sexuality or in this case, his bad luck Semblance) and drives a wedge between him and his family, leading him to have self worth issues that are eventually resolved as he meets more people like himself.
Volume 7, which aired from 2019 to 2020, added another notch to the bow for people hoping that Qrow or another character would become LGBT. In Episode 2, Qrow shared an intimate hug with James Ironwood, a ship called "IronQrow" that already had a pre-existing shipping group since Volume 3. But the bigger dynamic would come in the following episode, when Qrow shared screentime with Clover Ebi, the fish in that title above.
Meet the Lucky Fish Boi
(just to explain the fish jokes, Clover's fairytale inspiration is A Fisherman's Good Luck from Aesop's fables and his weapon is a fishing rod named Kingfisher)
Clover is introduced as the leader of General Ironwood's "Ace Operatives" often shortened to the Ace Ops (as they're all based off characters from Aesop's Fables). In Episode 3, we get to see Qrow and Clover interact, with Clover revealing that his Semblance is good fortune (because shippers love nothing like they love narrative parallels), alongside winking at Qrow in a way many found flirtatious. Partly because the animator for that scene confirmed the intention was for it to be read as flirty, especially after someone compared it to a scene from Volume 4 where a waitress winked at Qrow in a similar manner, right down to both character saying "Lucky you" to Qrow.
From there, Fair Game went thermonuclear in how popular it got. As it turned out, RWBY had a lot of fans who had been waiting for the slightest crumbs of male LGBT material and when they finally got it, they went hog wild. Fair Game shot up the shipping charts in a way no new ship since Volume 4's "Rose Garden" between Ruby and Oscar had. On Archive of Our Own, one of the largest fanfiction communities on the internet, Fair Game became one of the five most popular ships for the entire franchise in under a year. All of Qrow's past ships were blown out of the water in comparrison, as Fair Game quickly began pushing past franchise-wide staple ships.
And the fans were receiving a rare thing- what seemed to be validation from the crew themselves (linked post is a masterpost showing screenshots of all the crew members hyping up Fair Game). Several members of the team shared Fair Game content, saying that they liked the ship. The official RWBY Twitter shared images and video of the two interacting, something they only normally do for the bigger ships that are going to be canon like Renora (Ren and Nora) or Bumblebee (Blake and Yang). Clover's bio in the phone game RWBY: Amity Arena (which the developers have confirmed several times that all bios are proof-read by RWBY's writing team to make sure they're canon) leaned in on the connection between Qrow and Clover.
With these two mystical Semblances colliding, this is the first time we hope Qrow is defeated by someone else, because this might be the only chance for him to catch a break.
"I was honestly expecting things to go a lot rougher." -Qrow (moments before meeting Clover's Bolo Ties)
I'd like to say here that personally, I wasn't shipping Fair Game. I did not have the horse in the race due to preferring IronQrow, and I wasn't aware of how big it got until the hiatus. My thoughts on Fair Game were just "Yeah that could be cool."
So throughout Volume 7, Fair Game is building up a lot of speed and popularity; it's becoming a very popular ship and all eyes are on the series as people grow to like the ship and care for Clover and wish for Qrow to catch a break... and then episode 12, "The Enemy of Trust" happens.
Some context for those who don't watch RWBY: Main villain Salem is fully immortal, and cannot die. General Ironwood, who has long struggled with paranoid tendencies, has just sacrificed one of his arms to defeat one of Salem's generals in a fight, and comes back to his office to find a black chess piece on his desk that sets off his PTSD. Salem then sends in a conference call, warning that she's coming to Atlas personally to steal the plot devices that will give her godlike power. Ironwood decides there and then that the only safe option is to sacrifice the city of Mantle and elevate the city of Atlas out of the atmosphere, above the clouds and out of Salem's reach. Team RWBY are opposed to this and Ruby gets out a distress call that Qrow, Clover and others pick up to warn them of Ironwood's plan.
Meanwhile, Qrow, Clover and local vigilante Robyn Hill have captured a separate member of Salem's cabal and are transporting him to prison. Clover gets a separate message showing an arrest warrant for RWBY and Qrow, reluctantly informing Qrow that he has to take Qrow in as well. While Qrow is willing to go along with the arrest until he can talk to Ironwood himself, Robyn starts a fight on the ship that leads to Tyrian, the aforementioned agent, freeing himself and killing the pilots on the ship, leading to it crashing in a tundra.
Qrow checks on Robyn, finding her unconscious, and Clover repeats his intention to arrest Qrow due to his loyalty to Ironwood. The two fight, and Tyrian shows up. Qrow tries to focus on Tyrian due to him being a bigger threat, but Clover keeps attacking Qrow, leading to Qrow teaming up with Tyrian temporarily. It's a really good fight scene if you ignore how everyone besides Tyrian is a giant moron to allow the fight to happen but hey, it's still a good fight in a vaccum. When Clover's Aura is broken, he repeats his trust in Ironwood, only for Tyrian (who had been immobilzied with Clover's bolas several meters behind Qrow), grabbing Qrow's sword that had been knocked aside, getting around both of them without either of them seeing, and then stabbing Clover in the back, again, without either fighter noticing Tyrian doing so until Clover's iron intake drastically shot up.
I said the fight was good. Not well written.
Either way, Tyrian gleefully rubs in the killing wound to Qrow, mockingly saying that he's looking forward to the next round of their rivalry death matches, and runs away while Qrow rushes to Clover's side. As the sun rises on the tundra, Qrow insists that he'll make Ironwood pay for this, with Clover's last words being "Good luck..." as the light leaves his eyes, the final shot of the episode being Qrow screaming in agony over Clover's corpse as we fade to black and get a credit sequence with no music.
The aftermath of The Death
The screaming was mirrored by the fanbase, and presumably some members of the crew because things got ugly afterwards. Some fans latched onto desperation tactics, ideas such as "Oscar is going to use his Semblance to rewind time and prevent Clover's death" or "A medical team will arrive in time to patch up the wound and Clover will be fine," or "Clover will be resurrected by the Staff of Creation/Salem's Grimm magic/Watts having a Frankenstein Semblance."
Then the finale aired, and after the dust cleared people began wondering whether or not they had just been queerbaited. Remember how I said I didn't have the horse in the Fair Game race? Even I was one of the people who after watching episode 12 went "... did I just get baited?" It seemed so obvious in the moment, surely CRWBY wouldn't be that tone-deaf, especially concerning a Tweet from a crew member (that I couldn't find while researching for this) that saw someone saying that portions of episode 12's animation had made them nearly throw up in anticipation for the fandom response, which to the FG fans felt like the crew flipping them the double birds.
And then it came out that what CRWBY intended and what the audience saw were entirely different beasts. The wink that got animator approval? Was an add lib, one of many that the animation staff are encouraged to do to liven up storyboards. Clover and Qrow's easy-going dynamic? Per the commentary for Volume 7, the intention was that Qrow start out hating Clover, only to develop a camraderie over the season that would lead to Clover's death. Clover seemingly being LGBT at all was never something considered by the team until Fair Game became popular, with Clover's actor knowing from the day he got that part that Clover was a dead man walking. They legitimately did not realize how harmful they were accidentally being by getting the fanbase's hopes up. By this point people were desperate for any shreds of mlm rep, and here the crew were seemingly offering them a four-course meal. One member of staff even outright apologized for accidentally baiting fans. What definitely didn't help the immediate response was that following Volume 7's finale, some of the first merch made was Fair Game themed, which many took as salt on an open wound.
CRWBY's usual response to criticism is to bury its head in the sand and hope it goes away unless the issue becomes too big to ignore (such as Volume 5's disaster production necessitating assurances that the primary flaws would be resolved for V6, or an expose about their working conditions in 2019 requiring massive overhauls in the production process), but one writer, Eddy Rivas, a newcomer for the team in Volume 7, took it on himself to discuss the blowback. For better or worse, Eddy became the face of the writers when it came to the Fair Game backlash as he had written the episode Clover died in, talking about how while the intent was never for Qrow and Clover to be a romantic couple, he in retrospect could see what people were latching onto and apologized for leading those fans on, saying that with the benefit of hindsight, it would have been best to just warn people up front that the ship wasn't going to happen. Eddy was also quick to say that the marketing and writing teams were separate, so events such as the Fair Game merch were done by a different group than the people who wrote about Clover getting shivved.
Fans didn't really care about Eddy's reasoning though, with some angry, and a lot of people just... disappointed. A common hashtags used by Clover fans was #CloverDeservedBetter, as many of his fans felt ire towards the writing that led to his death or just sorrow at his demise. It saw people who had been defending the show and saying it wouldn't queerbait and being forced to admit otherwise following the episode's airing. There wasn't much anger in January or February about Fair Game that wasn't tinted with regret or sorrow. When combined with the pre-existing issues mlm fans had about RWBY's lackluster rep (especially following the high-profile queerbaiting in Voltron), the Fair Game backlash feels inevitable in hindsight. If it hadn't been in Volume 7, it would have inevitably happened somewhere else in the fandom down the line. Fair Game simply provided many mlm fans of the series a chance to finally get on the podium and use it, regardless of whether or not the speaker even liked the ship, because finally attention was on the side of the fandom that had been left out in the cold for years.
And then after this, the fandom started getting... weird about Fair Game and the backlash.
The fandom kinda whitewash/downplay the whole thing
This is the weird part of the story personally, but around March or April, there's a deliberate whitewashing of the Fair Game backlash. Presumably just as many of the FG fans moved on, a narrative began to be pushed where "Oh Fair Game never had a realistic shot, this is just a few toxic stans harassing the crew."
Now, allow me to be clear: There were and still are toxic Fair Game fans. Regardless of how justified their anger was at Clover's death, going as far as to harass members of the crew, Eddy especially for being willing to address the situation to the lengths that he did, is never an acceptable response to fandom drama. I've spoken with several fans of other Qrow/men ships since V7 wrapped and heard plenty of stories about Fair Game fans being douchebags, including timing ship weeks (weeks where prompts are made in the open so fans come together to make a lot of content for those characters) to overshadow smaller ships. There is also a meta criticism of Fair Game and how it's frequently depicted where Qrow is down on his luck and struggling with mental health, only for Clover to resurrect the 2000s as he's usually written to be a Manic Pixie Dream Girl who solves all of Qrow's problems with his attitude and a lot of sex.
(also an alarming trend of making Ironwood abusive to Qrow which I kinda stopped caring for after the fifth fanfic did SURPRISE ABUSE)
But, that condemnation of toxic fans does not itself excuse the historicial revisionism that then occured. Gradually on /RWBY, posts about Fair Game received more and more vitriol, more people saying "It never had a chance, stop." Fair Game content never makes it it onto the sub's front page, even as it reposts years old-fanart for the 16th time. Art of the two is lucky to get a hundred upvotes on a community where front-posts get over a thousand. Things came to a head on February 15th, where a user made a thread titled "Why the events surrounding Clover and Qrow devastated a large portion of RWBY's LGBT+ fandom." It's a decent post that basically explains why the OP believed there to be queerbaiting with the intent of explaining to people less versed in the LGBT community. It got some gilding here on Reddit and a bunch of people with accounts made in the last year coming in to agree. Which set off alarms on the moderation team. Some of these accounts were new (ignoring that Volume 7 had brought interest towards the series, and they'd had an AMA with the Ace Ops voice actors earlier that year). Clearly, to the mod team, this was proof of brigaiding (a site-wide illegal action on Reddit). The post was taken down, and branded with a mark of shame. It's the one post in /RWBY history to bare the flair BRIGAIDED. It also includes an exceptionally weird quote where one person goes (in context of how the show has basically no mlm rep) that "The writers are not and should not be obligated to represent everyone."
And when an actual moderator for the subreddit (who since deleted the comments but one of them has them openly admitting to intercepting reports about their posts and bragging about it) is openly mocking users who liked the essay by searching their post history and account age to see if they were new accounts or not, it's a really bad look in general for such a hot-button topic. Especially when they're being this condescendingly arrogant towards people they suspect of coming from off-site to push the post:
In short, a bunch of people coming from another platform to promote their agenda here, while using mass upvoting and downvoting to attempt to enforce it is rude at best. Not to mention the fake "this post is amazing" comments from people like yourself who totally had nothing to do with it.
Additionally, when said agenda is an attempt at "educating" the members of the other platform it continues being rude. When that agenda is questionable as fuck from a factual basis, includes several people who have been banned from this platform for attacking Rooster Teeth staff members, those that take part in the brigading are frowned upon.
You want to engage with people here about a subject, coming with a thesis and demanding the community accept your opinion is not the way to go.
I won't go as far as to say that /RWBY had a deliberate anti-Fair Game agenda to try and kill the ship and its popularity, but I'll definitely point out that many of the top upvoted posts on the ship during the Volume 7-8 hiatus were largely about disproving the ship as explcitly romantic and downplaying the queerbait accusations, with prolific posters from the sub harassing Fair Game fans off-site by largely strawmanning the backlash as just a few people being salty that their headcanons and ships didn't become true. Again, there were people like this who took it too far, but using the actions of a few toxic fans to discredit an entire ship is... kind of a morally dark action, especially when in context RWBY gets very annoyed at people using the actions of a vocal minority to discredit portions of the fandom such as the Bumblebee ship or the show itself given the RWBY's fandom's reputation as being short-tempered and unable to take criticism. Especially when you're acting worse than the people you condemn as toxic. To the point where you outright compare people who were hurt to fanbases focused around a character who groomed a child and a real life sex pest.
And as such that's where the story ends. Fair Game fans are still in the corners writing fanfic, making art, all that general jazz, some of the more toxic accounts got deleted or mass-reported so I couldn't find much of the supposed harassment that was used to discredit the movement outside of people just replying to RWBY tweets with the Clover hashtag. Will RWBY have learned from their mistakes with marketing, fan expectations, and telling the team to be careful what they say on social media, especically regarding shipping? Who can tell. But I'm leaning on it not being very likely.
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2020.11.26 21:24 chavapossum The Rock Swallows Whole: A Cosmic Horror Short Story (My first post! I hope you enjoy this unsettling story.)

Read time: 35 - 45 minutes
Content Warning: Some parts of the story might be triggering to LGBTQIA+ readers. There is an allusion to a hate crime involving vandalism. No sexual violence.


Rock moves. And in the land where the rocks only recently stilled, there reigns a great being.
When we were still apes, two tectonic plates locked mouths. The lower lip’s descent scraped something out from its rocky tomb and the earth bled— volcanoes erupting at the fault lines, spilling magma. In the hot, wet puddles of creation, the great being breached the surface of the lava flow, its alligator mouth open wide. It inhaled— the first breath— and stopped. Before snapping its jaws closed around the molten earth in its teeth, the beast hardened into quartz and silver basalt. And the mouth that ripped open the flesh of the land waited wide open— waited for the inevitable accumulation of millions of years’ worth of shifts that would one day drop the entire side of the canyon down its gullet, where things as permanent as rock lose themselves. In terrible stillness, it waited— hungry.


Iskra drove north across the high desert, on the land of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, straight through flat country where juniper trees baked in the sun. Bitterbrushes flowering yellow, desert sweets covered in white buds like a thin coating of snow, and golden Arrowleaf Balsamroots rejoicing in the breeze. A passing billboard read “Vaxxing Kills”. Iskra drummed their fingers against the steering wheel, impatient to reach their much deserved weekend.
The highway led to a small town— Moses— with a gas station that sold burritos, a grey auto repair store waving a faded American flag, a rug depot sharing its lot with a USPS outpost, FIVE brick Pentecostal churches, and a fire station, empty, the firemen off fighting wildfires to the northeast. A smoky haze hung over the horizon. They come home different, Iskra imagined. The firemen. The wildfire had already devoured three miles of acreage. With a creature that size, one may never see its face.
Turning off of the highway at the third brick church, Iskra passed a neighborhood composed of seven mobile homes that halted at the railroad tracks running parallel to the main road. Over the bumps, a hill descended, leading to a basin of farmland, dotted with modest homesteads at first. But the farther away Iskra drove from Moses, the larger the homes grew— million dollar ranches and resorts. The red van in front of Iskra turned onto one of the wide dirt boulevards leading to a comfortable vacation, leaving Iskra alone on the road.
Iskra felt uneasy; the sun just a bit too bright, or maybe it was the stuffy car after an hour’s drive— What if I got stuck out there?
A flat tire. A mysterious failure of the engine. Or an accident.
No cell service and no one around. They’d have to ask one of the locals for help. Iskra wanted to disappear, not draw attention to themselves. And what if they noticed?
Don’t be morbid, Iskra ordered themselves.
They’d spent a lot of time in rural areas, reading rocks. Alone, even. Only once had Iskra been given trouble.
Vandals spray-painted something foul along the driver’s side of their pick-up truck one afternoon while Iskra was out in Wyoming, on Apsaalooké (Crow), Cheyenne, and Očhéthi Šakówiŋ land.
D&\^*— even though Iskra wasn’t a lesbian.
But the Straights who had vandalized their car couldn’t tell the difference; they didn’t give a fuck if Iskra was a lesbian, a chick, a guy, a Gay— it was all the same to them: not-hetero, not in my town.
Iskra manufactured a temporary cover out of blue tarp, tucking the edges into the hand-cranked windows to keep it from flying off. But by the time Iskra pulled into their parking space, they started laughing. They’d been shaking with anger the whole way home but the thought of some straight dude who couldn’t count to 15 trying to intimidate Iskra with a term that didn’t even apply to them was enough to send Iskra into a laughing fit.
Iskra spent the rest of the day with a paint set out in the hot parking lot, incorporating flowers, rainbows, unicorns, and stars, creating a mural across their driver’s side. In the end, surrounded by colorful drawings, the word was barely perceptible. It was still there; it would never quite go away. But it was Iskra’s now. They were 19 years old, driving their first car that they bought for $3,000— 8 years of cleaning their neighbors’ houses after school.
“I remember my first job,” one of the husbands said (Iskra never learned their names) while Iskra scrubbed dishes coated in hardened mac & cheese. “Paperboy,” he added, “so I could go to the movies on the weekends with my friends.”
Iskra said nothing.
“The hard work prepared me for the real world,” he applauded himself. “Glad to see you starting early too.” Iskra was 12 and cleaning houses to eat lunch at school and to pay off their lunch debt, which was already generously low because the lunch ladies let them slip through when they could. But once that debt was paid, they tucked away a little bit each week for a car— a way out.
Iskra scrapped that truck after getting T-boned by another truck twice its size with a machine gun sticker in the back window. Iskra never knew if the accident was just an accident or if they’d been hit on purpose; driving around with queer iconography is bound to get you noticed by the wrong people. After that, Iskra purchased the most invisible car they could, something to disappear in— a safer way out.
The accident had given them a concussion and, after that, they got dizzy when they stood up and couldn’t watch television for long without getting a headache. With their first post-concussion migraine they remembered those words— “prepared me for the real world.” His real world was college football on Saturdays, golfing on Sundays, and then five days of getting other people to labor for him. Seemed to Iskra that delivering newspapers had nothing to do with it.
A figure sat by the roadside half a mile ahead.
Eyeless, it watched Iskra approach, blurry in the distance. Iskra’s heart thumped heavily in their chest, until— once closer— Iskra realized that the figure was a child. Out of curiosity and no small amount of guilt for their de-humanizing paranoia about the locals, Iskra came to a stop before the child, and rolled down the window.
“Afternoon,” Iskra greeted, but the child said nothing, wearing a string of Power Rangers band-aids down her left arm. A wicker basket sat at her feet, inches from the asphalt, but Iskra could not see its contents. A yellow post-it on the front of the basket read “$5.00” in green crayon. “Whatcha sellin’?” Iskra asked.
“Rocks,” the child replied curtly. “$5.00.”
Iskra leaned out the car window to get a better look at the rocks, finding a pile of grey, brown cylinders. They looked like leg bones— legs of something whose face hid in the clouds.
“Those aren’t just rocks,” Iskra replied, meeting the child’s blue gaze, “they’re special — like fossils.” The child’s eyes shot down to the basket and studied the rocks briefly, before looking back up again. “Well, you want one?”
Iskra handed the child a five dollar bill. Her hands were sweaty and Iskra wondered how long she’d been out in the sun like this. The child passed one of the cylinders over to Iskra, who inspected it’s rugged, plain-colored exterior, then its pastel blue, purple innards, quiet but shining.
“This is a limb cast,” Iskra informed the child, though they knew the child didn’t care. “It was formed millions of years ago in volcanic ash cavities, left by incinerated pieces of wood.”
“Is it worth more than $5.00?” The child inquired, turning new suspicion on Iskra.
Iskra pretended to analyze the fossil again then lied, “Nah,” before driving off.
Iskra chuckled.
Limb casts are worth maybe $25 online. Iskra hadn’t cheated the child out of a fortune.
Just maybe a meal.
Ashamed, Iskra then considered turning back to apologize, but Iskra quickly forgot, because arching up from the left side of the road was South Rugged Top— a 600 foot sheer rock face, orange against the sun. Its presence made demands upon the senses and Iskra could barely keep their eyes on the road. But it wasn’t South Rugged Top that Iskra was headed toward.
South Rugged Top was one of several dynamic rock faces along a formation stretching about 20 miles, dipping in and out of the ground like a child’s drawing of a snake, its red body cresting and dipping like a sound wave. Resting at the top of a river canyon awaited Iskra’s vacation rental— their first vacation as an adult, alone.
Geology didn’t pay for vacations; it had been Iskra’s second job cleaning houses that rewarded them a three-day stay at the secluded cabin.
Iskra had been cleaning the property owner’s town home for years. “As a reward” the owners let them use the cabin for the three vacant days between bookings— so long as Iskra acted as maid service. Had the cabin been anywhere else, Iskra would have refused; it was a condescending offer. But the cabin sat at the base of North Rugged Top, one of the most gorgeous rock formations in the region. Nothing obstructed the view— no trees, no buildings— just you and the rock. And the sound of the river in the canyon below.
“Remember to be careful with the cliff,” the owners had warned Iskra. A 100-foot drop lurked at the edge of the backyard. But there was to be a full moon that weekend. The cliff wouldn’t sneak up on Iskra in the dark.
“Oh,” their final parting words, “no smoking,” with a fake smile.
The asphalt turned to gravel and Iskra crept along the country road, checking the rearview to make sure they weren’t kicking up too much dust. Homemade signs dotted the side of the road saying, “Respect the Neighborhood— Slow Down” and “SLOW — No Dust”. Horses, llamas, cows, sheep, goats, and a few deer. Dogs chasing along the length of their fences, barking. A black cat leisurely crossing the road. Birds chirping overhead, the occasional cry of an eagle. Finally, at the end of the road, Iskra turned into the cabin’s driveway.
Peeking out through the cluster of awkward Black Cottonwoods stood Easy Cabin— so lovingly named— a long, white-washed cottage with a clay tile roof. But the moment Iskra parked the car, they forgot the cabin because there, just past a solitary quaking Aspen tree, was North Rugged Top. Glaring through the golden Aspen.
Crunching the first leaves of autumn underfoot, Iskra skirted the side of the cabin into the backyard, their eyes never leaving North Rugged Top. Towering above them, North Rugged Top gazed down from a height of 300 feet upon the basin below. The late afternoon sun blasted the face of the rock— golden orange, almost peach.
Iskra’s mouth lay agape.
Their eyes scanned from the base of the rock across the canyon, up along the rock slides where a few sparse trees somehow clung to the pebbly slant, up further still to a graveyard of boulders— Iskra shivered — remnants from the larger whole that had once been there, that had been torn apart by geologic forces. Lifting their eyes even higher, Iskra followed the line of rock, its jawline, up to the highest point, where the rock was sharp and jagged. Teeth.
“Hello, there,” they greeted the formation, awe-struck.
Breeze rustled the Aspen leaves just behind Iskra. Shhhhh. Shhhhh.
When the breeze passed, Iskra remained quiet and made out the peaceful rush of water, the canyon river. Iskra smiled and tentatively padded through the grassy back yard— soft— heading towards the cliffs to see the river. They passed under an outdoor gazebo, where a propane grill and squeaky metal seats stood idle. Past the gazebo, a juniper tree at the demarcation line between the yard and the cliffs bore a bright yellow sign:
“WARNING: You are responsible beyond this point. Children are to be supervised at all times.”
Children plummeting.
“Stop,” Iskra shook their head. “Not here.” And passed the sign.
The cliffs were made of dark lava rock— porous holes dotted them like craters on the surface of the moon. Mint green and yellow lichen licked the bottoms of Iskra’s shoes. Hard crunch. Though Iskra knew better, they didn’t turn their eyes down to the treacherously uneven ground. They couldn’t. North Rugged Top watched. Moved by the dance of golden light and black shadow up the rock’s jaw — How could I possibly look away?
Iskra caught their footing, slapping their hand against a nearby juniper tree whose roots broke through the volcanic rock, seeking soil below. A minor misstep, but enough to startle Iskra, who decided it best to look away from North Rugged Top only so long as to not fall.
The cliffside urged caution, pock-marked by cracks in the rock wide enough for a person to slide through. What was attached to the cliff and what was loose? Rock plays tricks on the eye, Iskra knew. Caution was the only truth-teller. Each step closer to the edge of the cliff, Iskra tested their weight to make sure the rock wouldn’t dislocate from the cliff entirely and tumble into the water below. Although the rocks were solidly in-place, Iskra felt they were falling, or — rather— in the moments just before a fall. Their stomach fluttered as they braved a peek over the edge.
Bright blue and green. The river, low from a hot summer, flowed easily along the base of the canyon in a thin line. The sun flashed off the smooth backs of lava rocks, weathered by water and wind into dazzling shapes— modern art. Lush bushes and yellow, leafy vegetation bordered the river along its banks. Iskra lingered, waiting for signs of animals approaching the riverside to drink, but none came. They were alone.
Iskra knelt down by the edge of the cliff, looking out across the canyon to the other edge opposite them. Both sides of the canyon ran evenly parallel to one another. Tire-sized rocks and boulders made up the cliff walls, stacked precariously on top of each other, as if there was no dirt holding them— detached.
It’s like they haven’t stopped falling. Ever so slowly, over millions of years, they drop— tumbling down to the river’s edge, made smaller by agonizing proportion, forever broken and separate from earth that used to be whole. Iskra worked with a geologist who believed all matter is conscious, including rock— conscious in its own way. Conscious of their collapse, their inevitable descent. Experiencing the trauma of fracture for eons. Dropping into the beast’s stomach. Being swallowed—
Iskra flicked their head around, spotting a mother deer and fawn in the backyard, staring back. Iskra froze but couldn’t contain a grin. How quietly the deer had appeared. Turning their back on the canyon, Iskra watched the little family nibble— look — nibble nibble — look— for a few minutes, before the pair slowly wandered out of the yard, towards the next property over. Iskra kept them in-sight as long as they could and, just at the edge of the property, the deer flinched and looked in horror at Iskra, then bolted away. No, not at Iskra. At the rock.
The breeze passed through the canyon at Iskra’s back. Breathing down their neck.
Frightened, Iskra turned to face the rock. Now lit with blazing hues of sunset, Iskra’s fear turned to delight and adoration at the land around them. I can’t believe I get to be here.
But not for free. They still had to clean.
Sighing, Iskra returned to their car and carried to the front door a few bags of groceries, their duffle bag of clothes, and a backpack full of books. While sliding the key into the lock, Iskra’s finger brushed against a shape chiseled into the wooden door.
No words accompanied the symbol. Perhaps the work of a bored child. Or maybe something had struck the door by mistake, leaving a dent. What could make that shape? A piece of furniture? But, to Iskra, the marking screamed intentionality; someone had etched it. It looked new—
“PROGUTATI!” Someone shouted.
Iskra dropped their bags on the stoop and pressed themselves against the brick wall. Hand clutching their mouth— hot breath against their palm. So loud, as if the voice had come from the other side of the house, where Iskra had just been. Iskra listened for footsteps, the sound of leaves rustling with a stride— none came.
Is someone still here?
Iskra checked the driveway— no other cars. The last booking had certainly already checked out. Noon was checkout and it was already 5:00.
But was there another housekeeper around or a maintenance tech? Iskra was the housekeeper, so that wouldn’t make sense. And Iskra had asked the owners before they left town if there was anything that needed maintenance while Iskra was on-site. The owners hadn’t mentioned anything. Maybe the last guest broke something. But if the voice had come from a maintenance tech, where was their car?
“Hello?” Iskra choked.
They cleared their throat and repeated, “Hello?!”
No reply.
“My name is Iskra; I’m the housekeeper! Is there anyone there?”
The Aspen rustled from around the corner. No voices, no footsteps— nothing.
After two minutes— silent against the porch wall, waiting for signs of life — Iskra’s shoulders loosened and their heart slowed again. But Iskra opened the front door with extreme caution.
Upon entering, Iskra heard only the ceiling fan’s whir. No voices. No shouting.
“Hello?” They asked again, quieter. “Anybody home?”
They heard nothing and they smelled— nothing. It was a White home in that way; didn’t smell like anything. Empty. The main interior— a large room with a beige leather couch, a rustic woodstove in the corner, a pool table, a family-sized dining room set, and a poorly organized, beige-tiled kitchen— was surrounded by North Rugged Top, its dominant form framed by floor-to-ceiling windows on all sides. Looking in like a peeping Tom.
But, other than the rock, no one else was in the main room.
Iskra walked the household, looking into each room, each closet, under the beds, with a knife from the kitchen in their hand. Just in case. But nothing appeared out of order.
The scream had probably been from a neighbor in the vicinity; there were plenty of houses nearby, advantageously positioned to be out of one another’s sight. Sound traveled differently in the high desert— farther. When Iskra first worked in the region, they’d never been to such a place having grown up surrounded by trees and hills. But out there in the open plain, Iskra could hear conversations that they couldn’t see.
A couple on an evening walk 500 feet away, behind a row of trees, their voices just over Iskra’s shoulder.
It took time to adjust, to not jump out of their skin every time it happened. To better measure distance. It took years. Iskra decided that the shouting had come from a neighbor’s house. They were in the country where sound pollution didn’t clog the air. That had to be it.
“You’ve been fooled again,” Iskra muttered to themselves. “You never learn.”
Satisfied that no one was on the property but them, Iskra sank onto the full bed in the master bedroom, exhaling loud. Once settled in the carpeted Better Homes & Living wet-dream, Iskra opened the door leading to the backyard, scanning the yard for the hot tub. And there it was. Right outside their bedroom door.
After work.
Begrudgingly, Iskra scrubbed the cabin of all traces of prior visitors— making it theirs. The cleaning settled Iskra’s mind. Falling into a rhythm with the house brought back a sense of security.
Laundry to clean the towels and sheets.
Mopping the kitchen and bathroom.
Wiping down counters.
All in a wonderous daze, contemplating what awaited them once the work was done. A weekend of eating, reading, hot tubbing, and smoking weed— their favorite things. All in one of the most beautiful places Iskra had ever seen— and they’d seen many.
By the time the sun had set, Iskra had finished. The cabin chilled with the crisp twilight.
They waited until the moon rose to jump in the hot tub for the first time, bathed in moonbeams. Iskra, naked beneath the towel, glanced around the yard before stripping and sinking into the 104 F water. In their clutches, they held an ashtray, a lighter, and a single joint— Jack Herer.
As they exhaled up into the starry sky, an owl hooted from somewhere in the Junipers clustered around the backyard.
Silence— no, not quite. The river hummed unseen. And, ever-present, North Rugged Top, somehow quieter in the moonlight.
Iskra couldn’t keep back a delighted smile at how clearly they could still make out North Rugged Top’s features even in the dark. Iskra wished in that moment that the cabin was on the other side of the canyon, so that they could explore North Rugged Top, collecting the pebbles, rocks, and sediment that spoke to them by the light of the night sky. Iskra imagined it, gazing at North Rugged Top while taking another hit. Even from across the canyon, the rock’s presence was palpable. They imagined what it would be like to stand in its immediate path.
Iskra remembered the people she’d encountered through work who lived at the feet of a mountains— who claimed their formations were sentient— or at least, they felt alive. “Don’t laugh,” one said, who lived at the base of Humphreys Peak in Arizona on Hopi, Pueblo, Western Apache, and Hohokam land, “you live with them and they live with you.” Intimate.
Though not a mountain, Iskra felt the same was true for North Rugged Top. Even they could feel it in the air, a reverence— or fear. The cabin was an altar at the base of a great being. Who watched.
Iskra climbing North Rugged Top in the dark. Silence. When they take their next step, to their terror, a rock slips— small but loud— disturbing the quietude of the altar. They don’t move, still looking down at their feet. Iskra knew. The rock was staring at them.
“Perhaps it’s better I’m over here,” Iskra said aloud with a suspicious glare at their half-smoked joint. “Damn Jack Herer’s got me spooked.” But the rock kept staring. It knew they were there, present, at its feet. Just barely out of reach.
The man from Humphreys Peak was a Deaf trucker Iskra had met in line for a gas station bathroom (it only had one). Surprisingly talkative. Iskra had sprawled a roadmap on top of a stack of cardboard boxes against the wall leading to the bathroom. They wanted to visit a dinosaur monument nearby, but wasn’t sure they had the time and was checking to see if there was a short cut. The trucker wanted to know if Iskra needed help. He tried to sign, but Iskra didn’t understand, so they wrote notes back and forth on a small pad he kept in his pocket— torn up and filled with prior conversations. One, Iskra noticed, was a drawing— a simple sketch of a mountain peak.
They smiled and jotted down, “Which mountain is that?” Pointing at the page in the pad.
The trucker rolled up his sleeve, revealing a larger, more detailed version tattooed on his bicep. “Home,” he wrote. “Arizona.” Humphreys Peak.
“Why the tattoo?” Iskra scribbled, as they stepped forward two paces, following the bathroom line.
The trucker contemplated as the line moved again— Iskra hoped he’d hurry up so they could learn the answer before it was their turn. Finally, shaking his head a little, the trucker wrote, “I was young and foolish.”
“You regret it?” Iskra asked.
He absorbed the question through his face, his eyebrows furrowing and his lips frowning, before answering, “Nah, it’s a part of me anyway— even without the tattoo.”
“Don’t laugh,” he quickly wrote, perhaps insecure about his vulnerability. “You live with them and they live with you— the mountains.”
Iskra was next in line.
“Sounds crowded,” Iskra joked. Then it was their turn.
Iskra handed the trucker his pen and pad before accepting the bathroom door being held open by an elastic eight year old— bored from a long drive, no doubt. As Iskra turned to wave goodbye, the trucker had read their joke and, to Iskra’s surprise, vocalized just as the bathroom door was closing behind them—
“That’s why I left.”
Head light from the hot tub and the cannabis, Iskra too felt the urge to leave— crowded all of a sudden. The Aspen quaked, sending a few brown leaves to the ground, where they would decompose and be absorbed again.
Turned into something else.


Iskra rose with the sun, returning to the hot tub first thing to watch the morning light flood North Rugged Top. A good night’s sleep washed away the prior evening’s distress and a new day dawned. Wispy, pink clouds crossed the sky overhead. The cool breeze tossed Iskra’s short hair as they sipped at black coffee and admired the majesty of North Rugged Top. Two birds soared along the mid-rift of the rock, their silhouettes black against the roseate crag. The rock’s many shadows reached toward Iskra suggestively. Come.
Never before had Iskra met such a compelling rock. But they couldn’t quite put their finger on why. Yes, it was a large formation, but its sibling South Rugged Top was, in fact, larger— double its size. Yes, its shape was gripping but not uncommon. They had seen similar bluffs in their travels. Again, it was South Rugged Top’s shape that was rarer, making it the favorite of the rocks for tourists— climbers, especially. What was it about North Rugged Top?
Inside the guest bathroom, a picture of North Rugged Top and a short excerpt beneath it were framed right next to the toilet— like something the owners did to help pass time on the commode. It read:
“North Rugged Top, a 300 foot tall rock formation, formed 100 million years ago when rock collapsed into a lava bed, creating a caldera. Debris filled the caldera, capped then by repeated basalt lava flows that covered older tuff, slowly building the landscape you see before you.
Nestled in the canyon at the foot of North Rugged Top flows a river. Pushing’s Bridge lies to the south east, connecting North Rugged Top to the town of Moses. North Rugged Top is home to a stunning array of local wildlife including mule deer, geese, river otter, beaver, golden eagles, and rattlesnakes.
North Rugged Top goes by a much older name-- The Rock Swallows Whole. So named for the rock formation’s shape, like that of a great beast’s mouth opening wide, it’s snout, the lower mandible, the first to breach the surface of the earth. Several prominent boulders near the crest of North Rugged Top resemble long, serrated teeth. When the U.S National Forest Service claimed the land, the name was changed following a contentious public debate that resulted in the disappearances of several locals.”
Moses Historical Foundation
But Iskra was still in the hot tub.
They looked around themselves in confusion. Wait, when did I read that passage? Iskra had not yet used the guest bathroom. Breathing unevenly, they glanced at North Rugged Top— eeriely still. One… two… THREE.
Like a scared child rushing to the light at the end of a dark hallway, Iskra bolted out of the hot tub and dove inside the house, slamming the door shut behind them.
Naked, clutching the door handle, Iskra stared at North Rugged Top, now protected by the glass— as if the rock were a tiger at the zoo. Or maybe it was Iskra who was the tiger— no— a hamster; its pet. Iskra’s life span was about as long relative to the rock. A heartbeat in the stretch of infinity. Did North Rugged Top watch them with the same amusement as a child watching a hamster sprint on its wheel? Tiring itself out in its cage. Panicking at its own reflection, seeing itself out of the corner of its eye. But never recognizing itself.
The Rock Swallows Whole.
Dreamily, Iskra’s bare feet, slippery on the tile floor, took them to the guest bathroom. Iskra didn’t want to see the framed passage— its inevitability was crushing. But Iskra’s feet carried them forward, marking the journey with pools of warm water.
Just outside the bathroom, Iskra heard breathing. Hurried, like a dog’s panting.
With one rapid, sweeping movement, Iskra flipped the lights on, finding the olive green bathroom empty. They looked to the left.
There it was— the framed picture and description of North Rugged Top— eye-level next to the toilet, just above the toilet paper. Iskra felt sick, as they knelt down to read the excerpt. It appeared exactly as it had appeared to them in the hot tub. Gently, as if it were an apparition, Iskra touched the glass of the frame with their fingertips. Feeling the cold of the glass, Iskra breathed a sigh of relief. It was real; it wasn’t a Jack Herer hallucination and it wasn’t a dream.
Iskra dropped their chin to their chest, and chuckled. They must have used the guest bathroom high last night and forgotten. Iskra’s short-term memory was not the best, even on a good day.
Smiling, Iskra left the bathroom to get dressed. All was well again.
Bundled in a jacket, carrying their second cup of coffee and a fresh joint— NOT Jack Herer, rather a soothing Indica, Doc Sampson— Iskra passed through the backyard, through the thin line of Juniper trees, back to the cliffs. The morning sun, already perched high in the sky, shined down from their right and glittered off the river below. Iskra found a comfortable seat close to the edge, pulling a store-bought muffin out of their pocket. Birds chirped merrily. Otherwise, it was a quiet morning.
Covered in crumbs, Iskra lit up their Doc Sampson and took a long, pleasurable inhale. With a slow blink, Iskra exhaled, sinking into their bones, into the rock underneath them, deeper still into the earth. North Rugged Top— sunbathing— reigned over the canyon, past it, over the basin, as far as its primordial gaze could reach. Is this how God was invented?
“The power of rocks,” Iskra shrugged playfully to themselves.
They knew it well — that pull, that awe, that obsession incumbent to rock. Irresistible. Rock guided humans toward survival. Caves nursed us. Red ochre bore artists and ceremony. Stones give way to our sculpting for tools and homes— and for markers of death. Then, the rock lives on and on and on, long after we’re gone.
Iskra glimpsed their utter smallness while visiting a graveyard outside of Chewelah, Washington. The graveyard rested flush against the highway, pressed forlornly along the white line of paint on the asphalt under Iskra’s wheels. They stopped, Iskra’s driving shoes — a dirty pair of house shoes, which truly weren’t supposed to be worn outside the house— walked back down the white line, and into the cemetery, marked only by a dirt path and a sign— “Meet The Lord.” Whether that was a command toward Iskra or more of a statement of what lay ahead, Iskra didn’t know. The capital “T” was a strong move.
The gravestones numbered no more than 15. Perhaps I am on a family plot.
Eager then to leave, Iskra took a hurried pause to look at each headstone. It was the respectful thing to do.
Iskra knelt in the faces of 15 calcite headstones, her eyes growing wider with each one.
Not a single headstone was legible. The impressions had faded long ago, leaving faint grooves that were no longer words at all.
With each headstone, Iskra hoped the next would be readable.
after the other,
after the other,
after the other stared blankly back at Iskra.
The calcite, white headstones leaned off-kilter, exhausted, like they didn’t want to be tied to the dead anymore. The stones stood there as representatives for a living thing that inevitably dies. The stones wanted to be stones— themselves. But they were bound there until time, people, or nature moved them. Until then, they let the rain wash humankind off of their faces. Eager to forget us.
It made sense to Iskra that Gods could have been invented looking at rocks like North Rugged Top. Omnipotence embodied.
A single Juniper tree reaching up for North Rugged Top, planted at the edge of the cliff beside Iskra, had been stripped bare. No leaves, its bark black. The rock’s presence incinerated it—before being devoured by the canyon. Fear of God.
Iskra inched on their knees to look over the edge again, to really see the drop. The river— a silver ribbon in the sunlight.
Iskra’s blood flushed around their hands and feet. Their body rejected the space of air between themselves and the canyon floor. That dropping sensation haunted Iskra, but they breathed through it, gripping the solid rock underneath them for reassurance. Iskra scanned the base of the canyon with interest, looking for animals or hikers. But they found something else.
Iskra peered into the shadow of the canyon diagonal from them, across the river, just above bank’s greenery. A square, wooden hut lurked in the canyon.
Iskra stared at it, waiting for a person to emerge or something to happen— for the hut to reveal its purpose.
But it sat idle, empty, seemingly wet in the twilight of the canyon. Compact — no larger than six feet by six feet, the hut’s purpose eluded Iskra.
What is that?
An emergency structure for hikers? But why build one so close to a residential area and at the bottom of a canyon, where flooding could sweep it away? In fact, it seemed like that’s how it got there. Built out of evenly cut logs, the hut was perched precariously on pebbly rubble, like it had been washed up by the river during a deluge.
No door, but there was a square hole cut out— a window? No roof. The rooflessness disturbed Iskra— a shiver swept along their spine. The roof’s absence implied that it had not been designed for humans.
The hut ceased to be in Iskra’s eyes; all they saw now was a mysterious structure, stripped of humanity and made foreign.
I’ve opened a box that I shouldn’t have.
Iskra shuffled away from the edge of the cliff on their backside, then clumsily stood. Everything was quiet.
The geography of the landscape shifted, as Iskra realized how close the structure was to the cabin. Just as close as North Rugged Top, hovering overhead. So close yet impossible for Iskra to reach. There wasn’t a trail or a path down to the canyon floor. The only way down would be to scale the cliffside, hopping down from boulder to boulder. But Iskra was is no shape for that. Not to mention how dangerous it is to climb by yourself. Without equipment. Though curious, Iskra didn’t want to find a way down, anyway.
“It’s none of my business,” Iskra reminded themselves. With any luck, they could ignore the structure entirely and forget it was even there. With any luck, the slopes of pebbly sand and scrubland brushes along North Rugged Top’s western side would unmoor themselves and pour over the structure, encasing it in debris, forever lost. Until the next geologist came along.
Iskra turned their back on the canyon, returned to the cabin, selected a book, and b-lined for the hot tub. You need to chill.
Once settled in the spa, two Black-billed magpies swooped into the juniper tree to the hot tub’s left— a mating pair. They fussed at one another, hopping from branch to branch, ripping at the juniper’s bark for the tasty bugs underneath. They chased away orioles and warblers, shrieking all the while. Iskra laughed. What an entertaining show. Once the magpies quieted, Iskra fell into their book with a renewed sense of peace and disappeared for hours, relishing the jets of the hot tub and the sound as it hushed the whispering ground beneath them.
Late afternoon startled Iskra awake— where had the time gone?
The sun inched ever closer to its descent, kindling its evening glow that would soon paint North Rugged Top red. But for now, the orange light shined through the yellow quaking Aspen leaves, casting a dreamy aurora over the yard. Iskra’s book sat on the patio deck beside the hot tub, alongside their ashtray, where a limp butt with its head caved-in lay buried in ash. But Iskra couldn’t recall setting their book and ashtray down, nor could they remember dozing off.
“And that’s why they tell you not to smoke in hot tubs,” Iskra grumbled, knowing full well they would never take that advice seriously enough to not smoke in a hot tub. But saying it out loud brought legitimacy; Iskra would rather have accidentally dozed off because they were high as opposed to not— because if they hadn’t dozed off, then how did time pass so quickly, why couldn’t they remember the last few hours?
Iskra shook their head, clearing the blurry haze that fogged their eyesight, like waking from a deep sleep. They struggled to blink. Their eyes kept drifting, staring into space. Iskra rubbed until bright purple dots danced across their closed eyelids. But the fog prevailed; they felt sleepy.
“Maybe you’re just hungry.”
Drowsily, Iskra dried off, dressed, and migrated to the kitchen to start making supper.
From the window above the kitchen sink, Iskra glanced out when the magpies swept across the backyard in a blur of black and dazzling blue. And North Rugged Top looked in at Iskra, drifting into the gold of the hour.
Iskra gently cut circles out of the biscuit dough, careful not to twist. They watched the biscuits rise through the tinted glass of the oven door, judging each second carefully. Biscuits burn easy and go hard. Do we have enough bu—
This time, upon hearing the voice boom from inside the house, Iskra screamed, then snagged the knife from its holster on the counter.
They didn’t move— waiting, at first.
Nothing was said.
But someone was there.

Find out what happens next:
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2020.11.26 18:41 Jprhino84 Content Update: Britmas arrives alongside a flood of new and returning content including many Christmas specials, pantomimes, Rising Damp in full, Channel 5 programming and more

Buckle in, boys and girls. This is going to be an epic, selection box of a read. So, let's get started, shall we?
We begin with every episode of '70s classic Rising Damp. This includes the 1975 Christmas special, listed separately as part of Britmas. We'll get to that later. Rising Damp is broken down into 5 series (with the pilot episode on its own). The overall synopsis is as follows:
Leonard Rossiter, Frances de la Tour, Richard Beckinsale and Don Warrington star in this classic 70s comedy set in a tumbledown boarding house. Follow the ups and downs of landlord Rigsby and his long-suffering tenants Ruth, Alan and Philip.

Next up, we have a large slate of Channel 5 programming. Here is the full list:
Meet the uber privileged youngsters whose rich parents will stop at nothing to give them what they want. Think private zoos, super yachts and fancy cars. Nothing is too grand for these billionaire babes.
Documentary shining a light on both the most famous and lesser known shops that carry the royal warrant. From cheese to chocolate, books to bespoke suits, the royals don't do shopping centres.
Documentary exploring the royal couple’s enduring romance. Discover how their scandalous love affair transformed into a loving partnership that saw Camilla win the nation’s hearts.
Crime documentary examining the clues that caught serial killers Fred and Rose West. In his first ever documentary interview, investigating officer Terry Moore reveals the details of the police work that resulted in Rose West's conviction.
Crime documentary investigating the murder of two former Eastenders stars, Gemma McCluskie and Sian Blake. Follow the final days of both women before their tragic deaths and hear insights from friends & experts.
Survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy recount their experiences in this poignant documentary. On 14th June 2017, a fire broke out in a West London tower block that would have devastating consequences & spark a national debate on housing.
Documentary exploring the turbulent history of Cadbury’s. For almost 200 years, it’s been the home of chocolate, making a staggering 350 tonnes of milk chocolate a day but life hasn’t always been sweet for the firm.
Catch Danny Dyer, Jimmy Carr, Alesha Dixon & other celebs as they strut their stuff on stage in this utterly bonkers musical reality show. Watch them go head to head in the ultimate lip syncing challenge!
Intimate doc series exploring the extraordinary lengths that ordinary people go to in order to get their ideal body. From those forking out thousands on plastic surgery to those piercing & painting every inch of their skin, hear their stories.
Royal doc exploring how the Queen’s only daughter comes across in public. Despite being born into a male dominated world, Anne has survived a kidnap attempt, divorce and even an Olympic Game, so how does she do it?
Reality show following five girls as they spy on their boyfriends to work out if they are 'the one'. Watch as their oblivious lovers head off on a VIP trip thinking they're filming a TV show about being on a mates’ holiday.

There's still more, as the "Centre Stage" collection - the hub for everything pertaining to the arts - was also treated to an update today with the following 3 additions:
Enjoy the world famous Cirque du Soleil, a mixture of circus arts and street entertainment that produces incredible theatrical events.
Lavish screen adaptation of the National Theatre play starring Laurence Olivier as one of Shakespeare's most controversial characters - the moneylender, Shylock.
Alec Guinness stars in this merry Shakespeare farce about the muddling up of lives and loves. Expect slapstick, puns and double entendres galore. Hundreds of years after it was written and it’s still a bleeding riot.
Not wanting to miss the party, Channel 4 has also made an appearance today with Diana: The Truth Behind The Interview, which originally aired last month and investigates the machinations of the infamous 1995 Panorama interview.
Princess Diana's 1995 interview with the BBC stunned the world. Twenty five years later, insiders reveal the story behind one of the most momentous programmes in the history of TV.

And finally, we come to today's main event - Britmas 2020, featuring a large variety of Christmas specials, pantomimes and more. The new and returning additions are as follows:
Christmas Special 1985. WWII comedy starring Gordon Kaye as a French café owner. Rene gets himself tangled up in a string of murder plots when General Von Klinkerhoffen decides to stick around & get more involved in controlling the district.
Christmas Special 1991. WWII comedy starring Gordon Kaye as French café owner Rene. Hoping for a bit of peace now the British airmen have made it back to Blighty, Rene is shocked to discover that Yvette is pregnant. Sacre bleu!
Christmas Special 1993. The Porters & their friend Rona decide to spend a relaxing Christmas with Bette and Auntie Pearl in a country hotel. Of course it doesn't quite go to plan...
A modern take on Dickens. Loan shark Eddie Scrooge has his local housing estate in a grip of fear, but on the night before Christmas he is visited by the ghost of his ex-partner.
Follow the story of Aladdin and his magic lamp in this panto featuring music from S Club 7. Starring Patsy Kensit & Paul Merton.
Christmas Special 1983. Christopher Timothy stars as the country vet in James Herriot’s 1940s tales of rural Yorkshire. After the war, James struggles to adjust to normal life and the new addition to the family.
Christmas Special 1985. Christopher Timothy stars as the good-natured vet in James Herriot’s 1940s tales of rural Yorkshire. Whether rescuing dogs from peat bogs or separating livestock from their flock, there’ll be no rest for this poor vet.
Christmas Special 1990. When Tristan discovers that the attractive new school teacher is part of the bell-ringing team, he decides to try his hand at campanology. Meanwhile, the brothers fall out over the treatment of an enormous wolfhound.
Christmas Special 1975. Bafta-nominated comedy set in a department store in 70s London. The staff are called to an early morning meeting to discuss boosting Christmas sales. But, someone’s already had a bright idea – and it involves novelty costumes.
Christmas Special 1976. Grace Brothers desicion to have electric Father Christmas models fails so they try and find a human replacement, but which staff member will make the cut?
Christmas Special 1979. Bafta-nominated comedy set in a department store in 70s London. The floor staff are desperate to win back their colleagues’ goodwill after not joining their strike, so they come up with a cunning plan.
Christmas Special 1986: John Nettles stars as the Jersey detective who's asked to delve into some supernatural myths when an ageing millionairess gets drawn in by a psychic who claims to speak to the dead.
Christmas Special 1987. John Nettles stars as the Jersey detective who investigates a series of robberies and a murder that become increasingly complicated by the return of his arch nemesis, Philippa Vale.
Christmas Special 1988. John Nettles stars as the Jersey detective who travels to Spain to deal with someone who has been threatening Charlie, and then finds himself caught up in a gangland power struggle.
Christmas Special 1989. John Nettles stars as the Jersey detective who gets asked by a recently-freed prisoner to investigate a historic murder case, believing that he was framed for the killing of a former gangster.
Christmas Special 1990. John Nettles stars as the Jersey detective who, now living in Provence, offers to assist Albert with his grape harvest, but the arrival of two other young helpers causes problems.
Lenny Henry stars in this magical festive tale from Richard Curtis. Bernard is having a rubbish Christmas after being betrayed by his fiance, best friend and boss. But when he rubs an antique lamp and things start to change, quite explosively!
Christmas Special 1989. Christmas with the Boswells is anything but quiet as Nellie and Jack get to see some turkeys and the family have their Christmas presents stolen.
Christmas Special 1990. Peter Howitt stars in Carla Lane’s classic sitcom about life for the cash-strapped Boswell clan in 80s Liverpool. Mrs Boswell discovers, to her dismay, that sometimes it’s the smallest things that cause the biggest headaches.
Christmas Special 1979. Carla Lane’s bittersweet 70s comedy about a frustrated suburban housewife stars Wendy Craig & Nicholas Lyndhurst. Despite the stress of cooking for Christmas, Ria’s hopes are lifted by the thought of meeting her admirer.
Robson Green & Mark Benton star as ultra competitive brothers in law who take their friendly rivalry to extremes when decorating their houses one Christmas. Have they gone too far this time?
Catch Simon Nye's comic interpretation of the classic fairy tale, with an all-star cast including Ronnie Corbett, Frank Skinner & Sian Phillips. Poor Cinderella is badly treated by her ugly stepsisters, until her Fairy Godmother arrives to help.
Coronation Street cast including Debra Stephenson & Bradley Walsh star as classic panto characters in this special show crammed with songs, comedy and special effects, combining a selection of the nation's favourite pantomimes.
Sue Johnston narrates this celebration of the best festive moments from almost six decades of TV’s longest-running soap. Delving into the archives, the programme showcases storylines about betrayals, break-ups, weddings and more.
Christmas Special 1989. Richard Briars, Penelope Wilton & Peter Egan star in this classic 80s sitcom. Self-styled backbone of the local community Martin gets an offer to relocate for work, but what would the community do without him?!
Christmas Special 1985. From the creators of Dad’s Army comes this Bafta-winning 80s sitcom. When the staff at Maplins holiday camp realise a burglar was a former camper, they wonder if he left any of his ill-gotten gains behind...
Paul Merton narrates this panto classic from London's Old Vic. Written by Simon Nye, it captures the tale of young Jack in typically boisterous fashion with stars including Griff Rhys Jones, Denise Van Outen & Julian Clary.
Christmas Special 1983. The boys visit Sam in hospital and agree to help him spend one last night with his 'other woman', but Ivy gets suspicious.
Christmas Special 1985. Edie and Wesley's daughter, Glenda, is marrying the hapless but kind-hearted Barry.
Christmas Special 1987. It's the annual garden fete at Dream Acres - Nora Batty is VIP waitress and a tramp who has taken a special interest in a particular donkey.
Peter Capaldi & Neil Dudgeon star in Tony Jordan's take on the story of the Nativity set in the troubled times of turn-of-the millennium Judea.
Christmas Special 1984. Classic 80s sitcom. Arthur Crabtree is feeling miserly and decides on a frugal Christmas - his family, however, goes to the other extreme with hilarious consequences.
Christmas Special 1987. Arthur becomes a hero after foiling a supermarket raid.
Documentary which takes a look behind the scenes of four traditional pantos staged in North West England, all of which are put together by amateur dramatic groups.
Christmas Special 1975. Leonard Rossiter, Don Warrington, Richard Beckinsale & Gay Rose star in this classic 70s sitcom. Rigsby thinks that Philip has got him the Christmas present of his dreams but, as usual, it’s not what it seems.
Animated comedy about a reindeer called Robbie. When Robbie's wedding is halted by the presence of a sinister crystal and his fiance is kidnapped, Robbie finds himself on a mission to stop the destruction of the planet by the evil Vorkan.
Christmas Special 1974. Michael Crawford & Michele Dotrice star as the disaster-prone husband and long-suffering wife in this much-loved 70s sitcom. Frank tries to get a new job, while also causing havoc at the church nativity play.
Christmas Special 1978. Classic 70s comedy starring Michael Crawford and Michele Dotrice. Frank’s had a thrilling offer from a relative living abroad – and it involves learning to fly!
Christmas Special 1974. Final episode of the classic comedy starring Harry H Corbett & Wilfred Brambell. Harold’s had enough of Christmas at home and plans a trip abroad. But Albert isn’t so keen, in fact he’d rather go to Bognor than abroad…
With the fforbes-Hamiltons always providing the church's crib, Audrey, Marjory and Old Ned, who is acting as Audrey's butler while Brabinger is visiting his granddaughter, make a crib.
25 years after their hugely popular love-hate relationship was finally resolved in marriage, we revisit the happy couple for a one-off special as they prepare to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary.

And as if all of THAT festive frivolity isn't enough for one day, the soaps are joining in too! First, Eastenders has returned to the service with a "Christmas Specials" boxset that features the following:
There's a divorce, a proposal and a good old sing-along in the Queen Vic on Christmas Eve.
Dirty Den serves up the cruelest of Christmas presents to poor wife Angie.
Everyone's celebrating but Arthur Fowler finds the Christmas cheer all too much.
The Vic is full of Christmas cheer while the Fowlers put on a brave face.
Robbie gets caught eating turkey while Pat confronts ghosts from her past.
Grant's freedom is in the balance.
Bianca and Grant are forced to put aside their differences.
Alfie prepares to leave the square. Will Kat be going with him?
The drama continues in Albert square on Christmas day.
Dot tries to stop Pauline leaving the Square for good, but can she convince her?
Sonia's decision to confront Pauline ends disastrously.
The Beales family are in for a very tense Christmas dinner.
After watching the explosive video, tensions are running high...

Secondly, Emmerdale has added the 1979 Christmas special:
As final preparations are made for the Pantomime, Annie makes a discovery.

And wrapping everything up. Coronation Street has added 13 more Yuletide episodes to the archive (bringing the total overall count in the last 7 days to the promised 60):
Christmas Day. The men go to a sports outing and the wives prepare the dinner.
It's Christmas panto time but Cinderella hits a few snags.
Vera Lomax lies dying but is suspicious of Ena's sudden concern.
Elsie is pensive at the thought of moving to America.
The Street's residents put on a pantomime, with Lucille as Aladdin.
The residents celebrate Christmas Day in The Rovers, with Ena on the piano.
The residents of the Street put on a 1940s show in the Rovers.
The Barlows' Christmas is spoilt when Susan agrees to go for a drink at a hotel.
Ken reports Deirdre missing to the police. Alec employs Vera behind the bar.
Vera has an exhausting Christmas running the Rovers.
Christmas Day. The Duckworths stage a sit-in at the Rovers.
Claire has news for Ashley. Mike is scared and distressed.
It's all kicking off as Nick & Peter come to blows, and Bethany's secret gets out.
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2020.11.26 14:14 OldmanRevived I saw five movies (Hillbilly Elegy, Let Him Go, Buddy Games, Happiest Season, Uncle Frank)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
First up was Hillbilly Elegy
When it was published in 2016, J.D. Vance's memoir "Hillbilly Elegy," unread by me, was slammed by many for indulging in the same hackneyed stereotypes about rural America that it was theoretically designed to deflate, and for reducing the impact of social, political and economic factors in order to favor a more inspirational narrative of triumphing. In this story, a young man, attending Yale Law School, returns to his hometown in Ohio to help his mother, who recently overdosed on heroin. While that story plays, the man's past, as well as flashes from a more distant past, reveals itself, showing us what it was like for him as a child, living amidst economic uncertainty and various unaddressed conflicts within his family.
Indeed, there are at least a few broader stories in the background of Vance's personal account. One of them is what happened to the family's native spot in the Appalachia region of Kentucky, once prospering with the jobs and industry of a local steel mill but later, by the time he is aware of it, filled with boarded-up storefronts, as people linger on streets, sidewalks, and parking lots with nothing to do. This juxtaposes the family's return home with their initial migration to Ohio. The mill was running back then, when J.D.'s grandparents packed up the car and moved.
The other broader tale belongs to the family, beyond adult J.D. (Gabriel Basso) and his younger self (played by Owen Asztalos). In the present, J.D. is looking for an internship at a law firm that will keep him close to his girlfriend Usha (Freida Pinto). While dining with prospective law partners, he receives a call from his sister Lindsay (Haley Bennett), who inform him that their mother Bev (Amy Adams) overdosed. He returns home and tries to arrange a place for Bev in a rehab facility, all while he has a job interview the next morning.
In the past, J.D. had to deal with the mercurial moods of his mother, while seeking support and attention from his grandmother, affectionately called Mamaw (Glenn Close). We see the start and decline of Bev's addiction; she's a parasite, an addict, a narcissist, and a desperate user of others, notably her own family. J.D. foots the bill for a week-long stay on four credit cards, only to learn that Bev has no interest in going into rehab. As a former nurse who trashed her career when she roller-skated through the corridors of a hospital after popping pills, she's been shooting heroin, and she seems to be going down fast.
How did J.D. go all the way from Middletown to Yale? We're not entirely sure, though we know that he got there, so there’s not much suspense about whether he figured out how to transcend his past. The film keeps flashing back to his days as a teenager in the late 1990s. J.D., it's suggested, gets lost because his mother flees from one man to the next. When she marries on a whim, he winds up with a druggie delinquent stepbrother. A scene or two later, he has fallen into delinquency himself, a transformation that is less than convincing.
The movie's tone, guided by J.D.'s narration, veers between romanticizing certain elements of this downhome culture, a scolding attitude toward certain issues and a dismissive outlook on others, and just wallowing in the abject misery of this place and these people. It's all over the place, really, although there's one position upon which the movie never genuinely stops: compassion. Director Ron Howard works in the tradition of Colorful People who relentlessly inflict their colorfulness on us as if we could not see in the first six minutes that they were afflicted.
Give some credit to Glenn Close, who spends most of the movie with a cigarette in her mouth, wisecracking to everything that stands in her way. She acts as a person who is tired of being colorful, and even more tired of having a colorful family. What's best about the movie are the actors' human qualities. Amy Adams has a direct, blunt honesty that is appealing, and it's put to a good effect here. Both Asztalos and Basso have a dry way of sardonically holding their distance, but there you have the role of most narrators, anyway.
If I spent a lot of time performing a census of the cast, it is because the movie seems to rotate among its characters as if taking inventory. Nothing happens in "Hillbilly Elegy" that I cared much about. The movie leaves me with such vivid memories of its times and places, its feelings and weathers, and yet leaves me so completely indifferent to its plot. It presents the cycles of addiction and abuse, not with any insight or thoughtfulness, but with a sense of inescapable fate. From this perspective, these characters are essentially condemned to these lives for reasons beyond the movie's ability or willingness to confront.
"Hillbilly Elegy" hinges on Mamaw's hope that she'll leave her family better off than she found them, and it’s clear that J.D.'s story has fulfilled that wish almost as soon as this movie starts. But the process of watching him cut his losses and recommit to his own success is rendered in a way that just isn't dramatically satisfying. Everyone else's lives and problems really don't matter to this story, except that they give J.D. a few lessons to learn and a whole lot to run from. This is a movie that's surprisingly good in areas where it doesn't need to be good at all, and pretty awful in areas where it has to succeed.

Next up was Let Him Go
The opening images of "Let Him Go" include Kevin Costner standing behind a fence and watching as a horse jogs around in the pasture. He spends a lot of time standing alone, doing nothing, maybe thinking nothing, observing as if it is a task that provides him with purpose. He's not bitter or depressed or anything of the sort. He's simply content. This is just another relaxing start to his day.
George (Costner) and Margaret (Diane Lane) have been married for decades. Living on a ranch in Montana, the two are finally and completely happy when we first meet them. Their house evokes the healing serenity of wide-open spaces, overlooking fields that are perfect for horseback riding. They have an adult son, James (Ryan Bruce), who has married and given the two their first grandchild. All of them live under the same roof. When George and Margaret are sitting at the table eating breakfast, they look so comfortable with each other that they make us feel cozy.
Suddenly, tragedy strikes when James dies in an accident, and their insular, peaceful world is understandably shattered. A few years later, his wife Lorna (Kayli Carter) marries Donnie Weboy (Will Brittain), but it’s obvious from their dour ceremony that this is a union of necessity. While in town one day, Margaret sees Donnie abuse Lorna, as well as her grandson Jimmy. She tells George, and they go to the apartment where Lorna and Donnie live, hoping to take custody of the boy. Instead, they find that Donnie has abruptly packed them up and moved to parts unknown.
Margaret refuses to accept the situation, planning a road trip across state lines to retrieve Jimmy and raise him. George is reluctant, but she eventually convinces him. After packing his suitcase, George wanders out of the room without it. Margaret thinks he has changed his mind, but he explains he's just turning off the water. "I'm not coming home to busted pipes," he says. They pack up the station wagon for a road trip to begin the process of tracking down Donnie. She even packs George's old service revolver, just in case.
They travel from Montana to North Dakota, making a few stops along the way for information or to rest. George's connections as a retired lawman, vaguely famous in the region, help. They meet Peter, played by Booboo Stewart, a young Native American man living off a stolen horse, but not looking for any loot to steal. George and Margaret reminisce and occasionally bicker, but the two mostly share comfortable silences that say everything.
On a plot level, that ramps up the tension as George and Margaret encounter various members of Donnie's family (Jeffrey Donovan plays a false-smiling uncle, and Lesley Manville shows up as the tough, authoritative matriarch), leading to an unstoppable series of threats and violence. There’s a third act that's so wildly out of left field, it could have shifted the tone completely. But somehow, it works, because the movie never made me lose interest in its central characters. There's still a reticence, an unwillingness to push the violence beyond where it wants to go
Faithful readers will know that I have a certain fondness for movies with villains who are so despicable and repugnant that we cheer when we see something horrible happen to them. "Let Him Go" does not disappoint in this regard, although it does cost us something extra in the process. I still have yet to decide if the movie's ending is a particularly good one. As silly as it sounds, I really came to enjoy the company of George and Margaret, and I couldn't bear to see anything nasty happen to such good people. Oh well. Maybe it's another example of how sometimes we just have to face reality.
Many of the reviews of the film have criticized it on the basis of its plot and its tonal shift. I like it because of the time I got to spend with the characters as they dealt with family matters over a period of days. It was intrinsically interesting, not because of what it was about, but simply because of what it was. I think perhaps "Let Him Go" is gently trying to be a movie about imperfect but interesting people, the goodness of whose souls is tested by a private crisis. No great lessons are learned, no great statements made, but by the end of the film we have spent some interesting time with these people, and know them better.

Next up was Buddy Games
Although I am aware sperm is a precious bodily fluid, I don't find it an especially funny one. In "Buddy Games," the male characters are neurotic about three subjects: the size, experience, and health of their reproductive organs. This movie is like a study of de-evolution and man's ability to cheat natural selection. It's full of material that would be rejected from most third-grade recess periods for lacking wit and dignity.
Josh Duhamel, an actor who projects likability, makes his directorial debut with this comedy, which he also co-wrote and stars in. Looking at the film's press notes, he informs us that he always wanted to direct, and that writing a screenplay seemed like the natural way to start. He was close. Writing a bad screenplay is a natural way to start. There's no excuse in making the decision to film it. What he has made is yet another hymn to arrested male adolescence that should be mandatory viewing in convents to prevent nuns from thinking of renouncing their vows of celibacy.
Duhamel plays Bob, a successful businessman who has created the Buddy Games, an annual competition in which him and his friends strive to beat each other in a variety of contests. Indulging their "primal need to dominate," the guys usually aim for a lame trophy and, more importantly, bragging rights. The other members are Durfy (Dax Shepard), Doc (Kevin Dillon), Bender (Nick Swardson), Zane (James Roday). At the beginning of the movie, Sheldon (Dan Bakkedahl), the most avid competitor, is having a glorious time, until someone shoots him in the testicles with a paint gun.
Cut to five years later: Sheldon has been in a funk ever since, having lost both precious orbs of manhood. Bob, meanwhile, has a beautiful girlfriend (Olivia Munn), and he's also quite rich, which enables him to restart the Buddy Games at the behest of Sheldon's mother, who thinks it's the only way to lift her son out of his suicidal depression. When the other members prove reluctant to go along, Bob throws in a $150,000 prize as an enticement.
But Sheldon will only come back if Bender, the guy who shot him, will be excluded. To dissuade Bender from joining in, Bob tells him that there's a substantial entry fee. To his surprise, Bender successfully raises money by prostituting himself and selling vodka in his mini-van. Eventually, the group reunites for a new round of games, which include such not so hilarious exercises as attaching steaks to their heads and confronting a giant lizard. The most extended segment involves the men ingesting laxatives at a crowded bar and trying to persuade women to buy them a drink before the drugs take effect. It's no spoiler to reveal that not all of them succeed.
These guys seem to have it out for each other. Sure, a couple of them talk about how the game has kept them together all these years, long after one would imagine childhood friends would go their separate ways. To what end does it keep them together, though? The movie wants us to simultaneously view these characters as representations of middle-aged vulnerability and sometimes as literal punching bags, constantly to be beaten, smashed, and pulverized. There's something wrong with these people, and the simple fact of the matter is that watching them satisfy their masochistic tendencies isn't fun or funny.
There is a kind of one-upmanship now at work in Hollywood, inspired by the success of several gross-out comedies, to elevate smut into an art form. This is not an entirely futile endeavor; it can be done, and when it is done well, it can be funny. There's a scene in this movie where Bender also tries to appease his guilt by offering Sheldon a refrigerated humidor full of his own semen. Later, when Sheldon is in the kitchen making Pina Coladas, he grabs the semen and mixes it in. Yuck. Millions of little soldiers being massacred for a laugh.
For a fleeting moment, the film stops trying to break the Guinness Book record for offensive crudity and decides to simply be funny. The best part of "Buddy Games," and really the best part of any bad movie, is Olivia Munn. When Bob tells her about his plan to start the games again, she doesn't waste any time ditching him. Then, at the end, she rushes over to Bob in hopes that the games are finally over and they can start a life together. She pulls out the little black box, and shows him a ring. What does he do? He rejects it. At this point, it was clear that none of the idiots in "Buddy Games" are worth saving. I don't know about you, but if Olivia Munn walked up to me and handed over an engagement ring, I would take my chances.

Next up was Happiest Season
There is an emerging genre of movies about family reunions at holiday time. It seems to be a truth universally acknowledged that most reunions at Christmas end happily, while most reunions at Thanksgiving end sadly. That's odd, because the way things shake down in the world of fragmented families, we tend to spend Thanksgiving with those we choose, and Christmas with those we must. If those two lists are identical in your life, your holidays must all be joyous, or all not.
Perhaps what drives audiences to films like "Happiest Season" is that certain sense of empathy. The people onscreen may or may not look like us, but we can find some relatability and understanding in their comic foibles and tragic events. The simplest situations conceal hidden traps, and by the time the story arrives at its more serious point, we fully buy into it, because these characters have so endeared themselves to us through the comedy. It's funny in an innocent screwball kind of way.
The basic setup involves Abby (Kristen Stewart) and Harper (Mackenzie Davis), who have been dating for about a year as Christmas approaches. Abby isn't into the holiday season. Her parents, who really were into it, died when she was 19, as Harper loves to point out in expository dialogue. Being a fan of the season, she wants the woman she loves to have that sensation of Christmas joy again. So, she drunkenly invites Abby home for Christmas to meet her family. Regretting the move in the cold light of day, she waits until the car ride to reveal that she isn't actually out to her family.
Harper asks Abby to keep their relationship a secret while they're at the house, with the promise that she'll finally be honest with her family once the holidays are finished. Abby agrees, although it certainly ruins her plans to propose to Harper on Christmas morning. She meets Harper's parents Tipper (Mary Steenburgen), who's more than a bit of a controlling presence in the house, and Ted (Victor Garber), a local city council member who's running for mayor on a platform of some pretty conservative platitudes. Harper's older sister is Jane (Mary Holland), an odd one who always seems to be vying for attention. The eldest sibling is Sloane (Alison Brie), formerly a successful lawyer who quit to raise her children and make custom gift baskets.
From there, the film becomes a full-on farce, complete with eccentric characters, plenty of misunderstandings, and even some close-call gags involving doors and bedroom escapades. It's everything we expect from such material. Most of the action takes place in the house, and whatever happens will have to happen before everybody heads back to the airport. That creates an artificial deadline that makes everything seem more urgent and requires that the truth be told or love declared right here and now, or not at all.
The film is warm-hearted, funny, and involving. Stewart and Davis are well-cast. But it's not completely successful; I have an idea that writer-director Clea DuVall didn't know how to end it, and so she orchestrates a final scene at a gas station that owes more to screwball comedy than to the truth of the story. Some of the characters are broader than the material requires, but one of them, Abby's gay friend John (Dan Levy), is a wonderful comic creation, and there are some scenes of him just answering the phone that are inexplicably hilarious.
Look, a great movie this is not. A pleasant holiday entertainment it is. The generosity of the film is in how DuVall presents these characters without judgment and with considerable sympathy. Harper is in love with Abby; that's not in doubt. But she is slow to understand the depth and complexity of Abby's fabrications. She's sweet, and naive, but not the brightest bulb on the tree. What defines her for the family is not the fact that she's gay, but her own concealed romanticism. By the end, we understand that although life may not give us too much, it often gives enough.

And the last one was Uncle Frank
"Uncle Frank" presents material that cries out to be handled with quiet empathy and hammers us with it. I understand what the film is trying to do, but not why it does it with such crude melodrama. The tone is all wrong for a story of homosexuality; the conclusion of which is not necessarily false, but it does feel a bit dishonest in its simplicity. When you lay it on too thick, the audience is distracted by implausibility rather than identifying with the characters.
The movie begins in 1969 with 14 year old Beth (Sophia Lillis) dreaming of someday escaping the backwater South Carolina town where she lives with her family and seeing the world. She is encouraged in this by her Uncle Frank (Paul Bettany), who did just that; he now teaches at NYU. Frank's rare returns home are marked by the obvious coldness that his father (Stephen Root) demonstrates towards him for absolutely no evident reason. Four years later, driven by Frank's encouragement, Beth is now attending NYU, and it takes only one surprise appearance at a party at Frank's apartment to discover that he is gay and living with his lover of ten years.
Wally (Peter Macdissi) is Frank's committed partner. Just as Beth is figuring out how to react to this information, the phone rings in Frank's apartment. Daddy Mac has died. It's time for Beth, Frank, and Wally to take a road trip, back to South Carolina for the funeral. That's when the perspective changes to Frank, whose cheerful mood drops upon realizing he has to return home and further declines when Beth starts asking about his romantic past. Through flashbacks, we see what has long haunted the uncle, as a teenaged Frank (played by Cole Doman) experiences his first relationship with a young man.
As you might guess, it ended tragically, and as the memories form more clearly, we understand why Mac's death, which Frank confesses to imagining so often, has brought up not relief, but only so much hidden pain. Frank wallows in self-pity and, upon arriving in his hometown, travel-sized bottles of booze. Bettany plays Frank's overt charms and silent despair with equal degrees of effectiveness, although his internalized performance is let down by director Alan Ball in the third act, when the character lets out all of that built-up pressure in drunken arguments and tearful confessionals.
The movie denies Frank of his big moment for a confirmation of Mac's deplorable nature. Instead, we're given an informative glance at the dynamics and conflicts within the extended family. Mac's wife Mammaw (Margo Martindale) is sweet and kind. Beth's father Mike (Steve Zahn) is verbally abusive toward his wife Kitty (Judy Greer) and anyone whose behavior seems out of line. The sister, Neva (Jane McNeill) is mostly quiet, which becomes odd later, when she becomes a vital figure in Frank's constant debate between keeping his secret and finally being honest with his family.
As for Frank, he stays out of the way, quietly reading on the porch as he lights up cigarettes. Lillis' promise as a young actor continues, but Beth is something of a stock audience stand-in device. Either Frank has been incredibly subtle over the years, or she can't see anything in front of her if it's more than an inch away. "I've never met a gay person before," says Beth. Oh, but she has. Frank also points out that the choir director at the First Baptist Church was also a homosexual. "But he’s so religious!" she exclaims.
"Uncle Frank" is a film that starts with promise; I liked the early dynamic between Lillis and Bettany. But it succumbs to so many clichés that anything remotely genuine gets smothered. It's a deeply frustrating movie as Ball has assembled a cast who can undeniably do deep work and then gives nothing but a shallow script. He seems merely thrashing about in a plot too transgressive for his skills. The movie looks upon his process with such skepticism that the movie doesn't even bother an attempt to explain it.
The story becomes less about the man's attempt to come to terms with those feelings and more about waiting to see what will happen. Each of the family members have at least one scene in which they can be honest with Frank, and the movie's final scene, in which they finally say what has needed to be said for a long time, is quite affecting. It's far too long of a wait for such specificity, though. "Uncle Frank" operates primarily as a message movie, and as necessary as that message might be, the movie's lack of a unique and personal approach to the material means that it's not a necessary part of the conversation.
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2020.11.26 06:56 biddily IIH Introduction Pamphlet: Alpha Edition

I made a post earlier this month about compiling a document for newly diagnosed IIH sufferers to read to help them understand better what is going on in their heads, what various tests and doctors they need to see, whats going to happen, and what steps they can take in their life to help make the pain a little bit easier. I'm attaching a link to the google doc that should have commenting turned on, because I want it to be peer reviewed to make sure nothings horribly wrong, and if there's anything important I'm missing please let me know, I'll add it.
Chapter 1: The Science, Chapter 2:Life. I'm hoping that chapter 3 will be a chapter of a few 'survivor stories', so readers can have an idea that they arent alone in what they're going through, see that things get better, and understand that they can advocate for themselves. If you have had IIH for a while and are willing to tell me your 'survivowarrionot dead yet' tale, I'd love to hear it.
Thirdly... u/QueenBooty ... I added your list to the book. You'll see it in there.
I hope you'll read and comment. The more people that do the better and more useful this will be in the longrun.
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2020.11.26 05:41 sebastianxce Evidence of Giants?

Evidence of Giants?
This is a deep subject so, I'm only going to post my sources of information in a layed out way that I have not seen before. I expect this to be a long post, with important subjects so I will cram them together and it will require some extra clicking on your part if you want to fact check based on my links.
This is speculation and gathered evidence to help everyone come to their own conclusion I am not accusing any organization or party to be responsible, yet am only providing the obvious trails left for us to pick up.
Yes we all know about Gigantism, what causes it? Those with Gigantism have been recoreded to have larger Pinael Glands in the past, today we refer to the as a tumor; "By definition, gigantism must occur during childhood before the growth plates in the long bones of the body (for example, the femur or humerus) have closed. In adults, the condition is called acromegaly. Gigantism is most often caused by a benign tumor on the pituitary gland called a pituitary adenoma. "
I wont go into the pineal gland, thats for you to get into, but that is a very interesting area of your brain and its quite interesting that is the area that causes you to grow to immense size.

This is a wiki list, containing every recorded person who was above 7 Feet, with the max confirmed case to reach (8 ft 11.1 in) , and unconfirmed (11 ft 6 in).
These cases are unique from person to person but is to show the height that humans can reach in our not so distant past, so click below to explore the amazing cases we do have available to research.

'Cyclopean masonry is a type of stonework…built with massive…boulders, roughly fitted together with minimal clearance between adjacent stones and no use of mortar… The term comes from the belief of classical Greeks that only the mythical Cyclopes had the strength to move the enormous boulders…',or%20no%20use%20of%20mortar.

EGYPT: I was pretty surprised seeing these photos which is what initially got me interested in this subject and finding all their sources proved more difficult than one would think.
Unknown Source: This came up with 1,875 results when I reverse image search, attempting to find the origin of this photo and every single website I click was shutdown, no idea why but I have posted my tineye results if you want to try :)
Theres a couple things off in this, first off they are grabbing birds as if they can reach the sky, second you can see another person underneath.
Egypt Thebes, wall painting of winnowing in the tomb of Menna, tomb no 69, circa 1422-1411 BC

The Decorated Areas Belonging to Ptahhotep
Washing a giant
The Tomb of Rekhmire Again there are almost hundreds of these scattered and I cant spend all day on this topic :) STORIES:
Throughout history we have had too much claims of giants to just ignore, so lets at least look at the stories of the past.
David & Goliath:
Patagonian Giants:
Red Haired Giants:
I could go on all day so here is a good collection that will tell more "stories" and folk tales
QUOTES (Giants & Cyclopes): "The eyes of that species of extinct giants, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara, as ours do now. Contemporary with the whole race of men, and older than the first man, Niagara is strong, and fresh to-day as ten thousand years ago."
— Abraham Lincoln, Mounds Of America (1848)

“For many generations…they obeyed the laws and loved the divine to which they were akin…they reckoned that qualities of character were far more important than their present prosperity. So they bore the burden of their wealth and possessions lightly, and did not let their high standard of living intoxicate them or make them lose their self-control…
But when the divine element in them became weakened…and their human traits became predominant, they ceased to be able to carry their prosperity with moderation.”
―Plato, Timaeus

“A giant helps Merlin build Stonehenge. From a manuscript of the Roman de Brut [1100s] by Wace in the British Library (Egerton 3028). This is the oldest known depiction of Stonehenge.”

In Rouen, in 1509, in digging in the ditches near the Dominicans, they found a stone tomb, containing a skeleton whose skull held a bushel of corn, and whose shin bone reached up to the girdle of the tallest man there, being about four feet long; and, consequently, the body must have been seventeen or eighteen feet high. Upon the tomb was a plate of copper, whereon was engraved, ‘In this tomb lies the noble and puissant lord, the Chevalier Ricon De Vallemont, and his bones.’
— John Platts, Encyclopedia of Natural and Artificial Wonders and Curiosities, 1876

“In 1829, when the hotel was built in Chesterville, a mound nearby was made to furnish the material for the brick. In digging it away, a large human skeleton was found, but no measurements were made. It is related that the jaw-bone was found to fit easily over that of a citizen of the village, who was remarkable for his large jaw. The local physicians examined the cranium and found it proportionately large, with more teeth than the white race of today. The skeleton was taken to Mansfield, and has been lost sight of entirely.”
—History of Morrow County and Ohio, 1880

“In Seneca township (Noble County, Ohio) was opened, in 1872, one of numerous Indian mounds that abound in the neighborhood. This particular one was locally known as the “Bates” mound. Upon being dug into it was found to contain…remains of three skeletons, whose size would indicate they measured in life at least eight feet in height. The remarkable feature of these remains was they had double teeth in front as well as in back of the mouth and in both upper and lower jaws. Upon exposure to the atmosphere the skeletons soon crumbled back to mother earth.”
—Howe’s Historical Collections of Ohio, Vol. II, Part 1 (1907)

“Ages before the Romans existed, the fair land of Italy was inhabited by nations who have left indestructible monuments as the only records of their history. Those wonderful cities of early Italy which have been termed Cyclopean, are thickly scattered throughout certain districts, and are often perched like eagles’ nests, on the very crests of mountains, at such an elevation as to strike amazement into the traveler who now visits them, and to bewilder him with speculations as to the state of society which could have driven men to such scarcely accessible spots for habitation, and to entrench themselves therein with such stupendous fortifications.”
―Louisa Caroline Tuthill, History of Architecture, 1848

“In all the existing remains of Cyclopean architecture…there is a singular resemblance for which it is difficult to account. It has been suggested that the Cyclopeans were a kind of Freemasons employed to construct lighthouses, citadels, &c., who handed down their mysterious art from generation to generation; and that the stupendous nature of their edifices led to the fables with which the name is associated.”
―Charles Boileau Elliott, Travels in the three great empires of Austria, Russia, and Turkey, Volume 2 (1838)

“He who has not seen the so-called Cyclopean cities of Latium…those marvels of early art, which overpower the mind with their grandeur, bewilder it with amazement, or excite it to active speculations as to their antiquity, the race which erected them, and the state of society which demanded fortifications so stupendous on sites so inaccessible as they in general occupy; — he who has not beheld those sublime trophies of early Italian civilization — the bastion and round tower of Norba — the gates of Segni and Arpino — the citadel of Alatri — the many terraces of Cora — the covered way of Praeneste, and the colossal works of the same masonry in the mountains of Latium, Sabina, and Samnium, will be astonished at the first view of the walls of Cosa.

Nay, he who is no stranger to this style of masonry, will be surprised to see it on this spot, so remote from the district which seems its peculiar locality. He will behold in these walls immense blocks of stone, irregular polygons in form, not bound together with cement, yet fitted with so admirable nicety, that the joints are mere lines, into which he might often in vain attempt to insert a penknife: the surface smooth as a billiard-table; and the whole resembling, at a little distance, a freshly plastered wall, scratched over with strange diagrams.”
―George Dennis, The Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria, London, 1848

“…the Cyclopes…are supposed to have built all the so-called “Cyclopean” works whose erection necessitated several regiments of Giants…
They are called “Builders,” and Occultism calls them the Initiators, who…thus laid the foundation stone of true Masonry.”
―H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine

All over the world in random regions there have been found imprints left behind that seems to resemble a giant foot, ill leave that for you to decide, heres an organized list of all the giant feet around the world :') ARTIFACTS:
You say well then where is all the armor and tools! We have found them but just ignore it. This is only a few examples as Im sure there have been many more that could go into this area
Giant Frying Pan
2500 + 60 pound sledge hammer with 9 foot handles
Giant Crown in Père Crespi Collection
Giant Books:
Giant Minoan Axes
Giant Sword:
The Inauguration of the Place Royale in 1612
Lost original link, here is default photo
For sceptics, that do not know, this is Obscura Camera photos, go ahead and look that up, its tracing down events live using the reflection of light. I went ahead and found where one of these photos was, inside of some book but it was seen from the window of "Claude Chastillion" who engraved the event.
Place Des Victoires
I just want to link this plaza before I show the next pictures, its in Paris known as ""place des victoires", this is a statue where "King Louis XIV" once stood,

https://bibliotheque-numerique.inha.fcollection/item/26168-place-des-victoires-publication-de-la-paix-signee-a-aix-la-chapelle-le-19-et-20-novembre-1748 " After Colbert's death in 1683, his rival Louvois succeeded him as building superintendent. Two major town planning operations were decided under his ministry: Place des Victoires and Place des Conquêtes or Place Louis-le-Grand, our Place Vendôme. In the center of the first, imagined by Marshal de La Feuillade and designed by Hardouin-Mansart, stood a full-length statue of Louis XIV. The plinth was decorated with figures of captives in bronze representing the powers vanquished by the king and bore a Latin dedication which has remained famous: VIRO IMMORTALI (“To the immortal man”). The square was decorated with lanterns where perpetual fires were to burn. This device caused talk throughout Europe: people laughed at the new paganism instituted in honor of the monarch;they were scandalized by the humiliating representation of the captive powers. In March 1686 the solemn dedication of the statue took place, which was accompanied by unprecedented ceremonies: parade of the regiment of French guards, gathering of the Châtelet and the corps de Ville in the square, solemn unveiling of the statue in the presence of the royal family led by the bottlenose dolphin. “We have never seen, admires Sourches, a crowd like that which occupied all the streets which arrived at the place, and the bourgeois of Paris were unleashed to see a spectacle which lasted only a moment. The only thing missing was the main interested party, Louis XIV, whose health kept him at Versailles. "
This is the explanation for that event, what is up with the giants? I don't believe those were apart of the statue. I connected this to the Pantgonian Giants because of this quote from a book:
“The captain-general sent one of our men to the giant so that he might perform the same actions as a sign of peace. Having done that, the man led the giant to an islet where the captain-general was waiting; When the giant was in the captain-general’s and our presence he marveled greatly and made signs with one finger raised upward, believing we had come from the sky. He was so tall that we reached only to his waist, and he was well proportioned.” According to the writings of Pigafetta, Magellan and crew attempted to return to Italy with two of the giants they had encountered, though they were unable to survive the long trip back across the Atlantic."
Pantgonian Giants Sighting = 1602 Giants in Chains Event = 1683
Possibly the French knew of these Giants for along time? Speculation. NEWS ARTICLES: So so so many articles surrounding the findings of giant bones, I would love to find these sources but.. its a newspaper article and I just am not sure I am ready for that level of digging, but heres some pictures :D

Why in the HECK is this the first your hearing of this? Well you should be told about the Smithsonian Institution, very big people in the archaeological world and are involved in almost any major discovery.
Legal Obligations: "However, the U.S. Attorney General has concluded that the Smithsonian is so "closely connected" to the federal government that it shares the immunity of the United States from state and local regulation. In accordance with this doctrine, local zoning regulations, ABC licensing provisions, sales and use taxes, and real estate taxes are not applicable to the Smithsonian absent a specific federal statute. (There are several instances in which Congress has required federal entities to comply with state and local laws, so questions about the applicability of specific state and local laws to the Smithsonian should be directed to the Office of General Counsel.)
Courts have also held that the Smithsonian enjoys the immunity of the United States from lawsuits, unless such suits are authorized by Congress under specific statutes, such as the Federal Torts Claim Act (torts), the U.S. Copyright Act (copyright infringement), the Tucker Act (contracts), and Title VII the Civil Rights Act (discrimination)."
Supreme Court Case in 2018: " Although the Smithsonian entity status question before the Court remains unanswered, providence had guided Petitioner to discover a parallel case, already decided by this Court. God is particularly interested in last wills and testaments, and the fulfillment offiduciary duty by trustees as established throughout the Old and New Testaments, which is the basis for the common law oftrusts, as expressed in the Magna Charta from the year 1215 " " The Smithsonian Institution was established in 1846, Girard College in 1848 so even their similar historical origins are ofinterest when considering their entity status. Girard was one of the richest men in America, Smithson a very wealthy man from the United Kingdom. The trustees were the United States/Congress/Board ofRegents in Smithson’s case and the State of Pennsylvania/Pennsylvania legislature/Board ofDirectors OfCity Trusts in Girard’s case. "
Sued over Exhibit:
Battle over Indian Remains:
Accused of Destroying Giant Bones:
Biological Warefare?:
Mound Builders: In another case referring to.. another race, not giants. Something called the "Mound Builders" is a perfect book to read explaining everything IMO.
'The Indian guide points out these mounds to the student of history with a feeling of awe ; he says he knows nothing of them; his fathers have told him that the builders of the mounds were of a different race from them... it must be said moreover that a perusal of the works written about the mounds, especially of the very large contributions to the subject found in the Smithsonian Institution publications, leaves the mind of the reader in a state of thorough confusion and un- certainty.'

Extra Article:

END CONCLUSION: This is just my list of sources meant for others to speculate. Again I am not accusing anyone of doing any wrong deeds, thanks for reading.
Join our Discord for more Archives:
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2020.11.26 04:43 ASK4Vinyl [For Sale] ALL GENRES (Rare, VMP, Original) - a-ha, Air, Aphex Twin, Beatles, B.I.G., Black Flag, Bowie, Brainiac, The Clash, Harvey Danger, Deep Purple, Dylan, GBV, Iron Maiden, Joy Division, Khruangbin, The Kinks, Live, Logic, MF DOOM, Nas, Nirvana, 100 Gecs, QOTSA, Springsteen, Stones, U2, etc.

Unless specified, the following vinyl albums should be in at least NM/NM condition (media/sleeve) with the pressing in parentheses and comparable pricing based on several online resources (e.g. Discogs). Please post a comment on here first before reaching out to me directly. I would prefer to ship USPS Media Mail for $5 with the possibility of combining shipping for multiple items. If you're outside CONUS, you're welcome to message me and I'll try to work something out if possible. I'm open to discuss pricing if you find anything to be unreasonable. PLEASE put specific info in the notes portion on Paypal of which records you're buying or I'm going to have a tough time figuring out what you purchased from me. I have done tons of deals on here as a buyeseller so feel free to look me up. Happy hunting!
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Star Wars - "A New Hope" (2017 RSD Exclusive Limited Edition) - $25 (SEALED) SOLD
The Strokes - "Future Present Past" (2016) - $70
The Tangerine Zoo - "Outside Looking In" (1968) - $150 (VG/VG)
Third Ear Band - "Alchemy" (Original '69 UK Pressing) - $150 (NM/Strong VG+)
TV Girl - "Death of a Party Girl" (2018 pressing includes two posters) - $60 SOLD
Twentieth Century Zoo - "Thunder On A Clear Day" (1969) - $120 (VG+/VG)
U2 Bundle (Irish early '80s 7" 45 RPM Pressings) - $175
\-"Another Day"
\-"11 O'Clock Tick Tock"
\-"I Will Follow"
Viktor Vaughn ‎– "Vaudeville Villain" (2012) - $115 (NM/VG+) SOLD
Colter Wall ‎– "Western Swing & Waltzes And Other Punchy Songs" (Limited Edition/Numbered/Coke Bottle Clear) - $55 (SEALED)
Doc Watson - "Home Again!" (2003) - $40 (NM/VG+)
Kanye West - "Power" (Picture Disc) - $10 (NM/VG+)
Neil Young - "Old Ways" (1985 Specialty Pressing) - $10 (NM/VG+)
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2020.11.25 22:20 tenant1313 How should I talk to my cardiologist about the meds I'm on?

57M, 5'7", 153 lbs, non-smoker, occasional light drinker.
I had a heart attack in March that resulted in one stent. Totally unexpected since I don't have underlying conditions or a lifestyle that could cause a heart disease. My cholesterol and BP were slightly elevated by hardly through the roof. The doc blames genetics. This is what I'm currently on:
Brilinta 90mg
Aspirin EC 81mg
Metoprolol Succinate ER 25mg
Losartan Potassium 50mg
Atorvastatin 40mg (Statin)
I think I kind of have no choice when it comes to Brilinta (he mentioned I need to be on that for a year) and I don't mind Aspirin but I would love to get off the other drugs if possible. Statins and metoprolol are known to mess with cognitive functions are dangerous with people genetically predisposed to develop Alzheimer's. And that's possibly my fate (my mother and her mother before her). So I decided that I don't want to lower the risk of getting another heart attack by 10% and increase the risk for dementia by 30%.
I'm going for the follow up visit after reading a lot about statins, cholesterol, food, supplements, lifestyle etc. but I don't want to self diagnose and question my doctor at every step just because I read a few books. On the other hand I know that there's a certain inertia in medical profession and some people tend to stick to what's "known to work" even if that knowledge is being questioned as more studies come to light.
The question is: are any of these drugs absolutely essential? should I push for going off them if I'm concerned (are there better alternatives?), how should I approach my doctor and how will I know that he is open minded and willing to work around my concerns (as opposed to rigidly sticking to what he always does)?
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2020.11.25 19:19 ThriceDeadCat [Rant] Interfaith Dialogue

So the recent DoomsayeTemplar post got me thinking on faith in Deadlands and the backgrounds that use it. Sure, it's rather nebulous as far as skills go, outside of what it does for the Arcane Backgrounds that is, but it's still useful to even those without that divine connection. This is something of a rant and there will be spoilers, but it'll be a second before I get to that.
The Classic Weird West is relatively simple. Your faith is in one of a set list of religious sects, most of which are drawn from our own history. There ain't any Christians here, though - least, not technically speaking. Instead it's down to the nitty gritty. You're either a Catholic, Mormon, Lutheran, or any other flavor of Protestant or Orthodox that exists. Same holds for other faiths, but the setting really doesn't focus too terribly much on their schisms, if only because the religious makeup of North America circa 1877 is what it is.
Tribal faiths don't get quite the same rundown. Some of that has to do with the general lack of written holy texts and schisms and a greater emphasis on the acceptance or rejection of things like the Old Ways and Ghost Dance on a tribe by tribe basis.
As for holy men and women, you've got Blessed of any number of faiths, the not-really-a-matter-of-faith Voodooists, and the mestizo's Anahuac clergy. Technically, Shamans and Aztecs don't operate on faith, but then Ghost Dancers does go right out and say that a shaman can use ritual whenever they're asked for a faith roll. So chalk that little wrinkle up to pre-Revised Classic being unrefined. Plus, just like every Christian has access to the protection miracle, faithful non-shamans get to have their pick from a limited list of favors.
This leads me to my first rant: the books give a lot of "No, you can't ever do this" type of warnings only to then whittle away at those prohibitions. The core books, Fire & Brimstone, and Ghost Dancers all make a point about how Blessed and Shaman are mutually exclusive. But then Taoists and a couple of other faiths get to select Blessed or Shaman, and it's something of a wink and a nod to the reader that this is an exception to the "eitheor" restriction previously stated. Sadly, how a Taoist shaman would operate, including what restrictions on things like shaman Edges, rituals, and favors, isn't ever detailed. Oh well, I ain't above homebrewing away a problem like that.
Worse is a certain NPC originally from the Doomtown! card games with stats in the sixth Dispatch who is both a bonafide Navajo shaman and mesh of Protestantism. The stat block even calls out "Edges: Arcane Background: shaman, blessed (unique combination; unavailable to others) 6," which leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe the Doomtown stories that feature him help justify all this, but I haven't gotten back round to those yet. So now even the previous hard and fast rule of "No mixing non-shamany faiths with shamanism" has been broken. Lovely.
Of the remaining options, Voodoo's probably the least religious. Rules largely simplify down to "don't be a dick" and "don't piss off the loa," although those two could easily conflict at times, depending on the loa. The Ranger's Bible Addendum had a line about how these practitioners never become Blessed, but that "never" was changed to "seldom" in Hexarcana. So an Arcane Background: Voodoo, Blessed is still an option: it's just more in the Taoist Shaman/Blessed vein than a gone native/converted Shaman/Blessed one.
That leaves the Anahuac and Aztec Priests and rant number two. In much the same way that a Shootist both is and isn't a Huckster or how each branch of the Holy Trinity is God but not the other two branches, Anahuac Priests and Aztec Priests are both Shamans and not Shamans. We're hitting spoilers, but the issues isn't that they're different enough from Shamans to warrant being a separate Background (Anahuac Priests are, at least), but that they're not different enough from each other.
Both Lost Angels and South o' the Border have about three pages' worth of material explaining these groups' cultures and history in the broadest of strokes: the Anahuac Priests came about as a fusion of Catholic faith as explained by those missionaries and the original Aztec's (and other Native American's) beliefs, its practitioners are of a similar mixed background, the line between Aztecan God and Patron Saint is blurred, and the Aztecs are full-blooded and practice the original Anahuac faith. In true Deadlands fashion, just how Catholic is the Anahuac faith is something of a moving target. One of the sidebars even outright says both the Catholic Church and Grimme himself would crush the sect if their secrets came to light.
I also think the Los Mestizo section of Lost Angels is a little better, and not just because it has roughly thrice the page count with 18 pages (14, if you ignore the count for explaining the AB's new favors) compared to the six dedicated to the Aztecs. Like a lot of Deadlands material, both have issues with portraying these slightly fantastical versions of real cultures and peoples, but that's a very separate rant from what I've got here.
Both books have blurbs going over the faith, Sacred Days, rituals, and favors. LA is more in-depth, and also includes new favors, new and Anahuac versions of old rituals, and a small section on sin (kind of like what the Blessed have). For comparison, Aztecs have two modified Shaman rituals, lines about which rituals, medicine ways, and favors that are either never or seldom used, and then a paragraph where the authors list some new, Aztec-y names to better describe those favors.
I've got a side complaint with just how few favors there are available to Anahuac Priests, even if I do prefer the separate list over the "plagiarism" of the Aztecs. (An easy fix is to just give them more favors, due to the overlap of effects that a Catholic Blessed or Aztec/Shaman could use.)
Similarly, there's the issue with how Aztecs have no means of storing their mojo. Regular shamans have their Guardian Spirits, Patron Saints are mechanically the same as Guardian Spirits, and those same Patron Saints are disguises or reinterpretations of the same gods the Aztecs worshiped. Heck, it's not like this is a case of Steven Long, the primary author of South o' the Border, not knowing about what was written in LA neither. The Epitaph section points right back to Lost Angels when describing mestizo characters, even mentioning "Anahuac magic" by name.
Worse, there's a small section on "Mexican Indians" buried in the Marshal's Section which lists which Guardian Spirits are common among non-Aztec, Meso-American tribes. The Aztec Priests could probably function without the multiplier that a Guardian Spirit grants (The Anahuacs sure do, at least), but even with the large Appeasement that they can generate with their modified Maim, they're still left licking their Wounds and spending those points then and there. I don't know if maybe the "Patron Gods" were cut, removed for fear of balance with how many Appeasement a Maimed Aztec could generate, or something else.
I'm less familiar with Hell on Earth, but not even religion's safe from the glow of the G-Rays: faith covers a little more nowadays. The Cult of Doom has a few permutations, but the general gist of all those sects is "Radiation is good for people!" Templars are likely Christian, but generally operate off of faith in their Saints and/or human decency. Same holds for Anti-Templars (well, maybe just faith in their Saints). Toxic Shamans/Spooks follow their toxic spirits (go figure), and Librarians believe in humanity's ability to persevere through science and faith itself.
While the core Hell on Earth book limits players to only one Arcane Background, later supplements whittled away at that hard and fast rule to varying degrees. Junkman Cometh included an option for pre-war Junkers to know some Hucksters hexes and tricks. Children o' the Atom had a similar option for "Junkers o' Doom" and "Sykers of Doom" that were both either Doomsayers and Junkers or Doomsayers and Sykers, respectively. Given that the exception for Sykers is for greenies - young sykers with no formal syker training - that leaves the door open for those three backgrounds to co-mingle, despite the excuse 'bout how folks "set their meridians" and can only learn so much.
Getting back to the matter of faith, there's solid room for some heretic to devout themselves so fully to radiation and its spirits that they see that as the best way to expose human goodness and survival. That'd check off some flavor of Doomie, Toxic Shaman, Librarian, and maybe even Templar. Stacking Arcane Backgrounds gets expensive pretty quickly at 3 points a pop before you factor in any skills you might need or even want, but the option is out there. Sure, it's technically in the defiance of the "You can only take one" rule, but it's not like that's never been broken.
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2020.11.25 18:28 premed_02114 EASY GUIDE TO 518: My 4-5 month MCAT Plan

How Anyone Can Get a 518+

So I just recently got my score back, 518: (130/130/129/129) -- yay! -- and wanted to write something up to help anyone who might be searching through here like I was all of last year. Basically how this will go is...
  1. Intro
  2. Detailed timeline with major items bolded
  3. Links to my calendar
  4. Shortened version of this & extra info
I am a Neuroscience major and Bio minor at a large, research-focused school. I don't consider myself super smart, but I am really good at memorizing, very good at English which helped with CARS, and oftentimes get really lucky going with my gut. That being said, I used to look on here and see people with 515+ and think, wow, you guys are all geniuses. And you probably are. But I always doubted whether I could get there too so I'm here to tell you that you can.
  1. NS FL 1 → (126/126/127/127) → 506
  2. NS FL 2 → (127/125/127/129) → 508
  3. NS FL 3 → (127/125/129/129) → 510
  4. NS FL 4 → (127/125/126/129) → 507
  5. NS FL 5 → (127/128/128/128) → 511
  6. NS FL 6 → (126/127/125/128) → 506
  7. NS FL 7 → (127/128/128/129) → 512
  8. NS FL 8 → (126/128/128/127) → 509
  9. AAMC Sample → (128/130/128/129) → 515
  10. AAMC 1 → (128/128/130/128) → 514
  11. AAMC 2 → (128/128/129/129) → 514
  12. AAMC 3 → (129/128/129/130) → 516
  13. AAMC 4 → (130/130/128/129) → 517
  14. Actual —> (130/130/129/129) —> 518
  1. Resources
    1. Make your own summary sheet
    2. Kaplan books
    3. UEarth
    4. Blueprint 10 exams and QBank
    5. AAMC full bundle
    6. MileDown Anki deck
    7. KA 300 page doc
  2. Ideal schedule
    1. Prep: Up to 4 weeks of notes/summary sheets. Can be condensed
    2. Practice: 4 weeks of UEarth and KA doc
    3. Tests: Diagnostic and then more every 1-2 weeks for a total of 8 weeks
      1. Blueprint QBank and UEarth continuing in this time, also Anki and KA 300
    4. Last month: AAMC only
My full GUIDE TO 518 GOOGLE SCHEDULE AND SHEETS with schedule and trackers
If anyone needs help making an adjusted schedule, summary sheets, wants my summary sheets or anything, feel free to email at [email protected]
EDIT: Here is a link to show what my summary sheets look like. Have been getting a lot of requests for these, so trying to cut down on volume and would sell pdfs if anyone is interested
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2020.11.25 15:30 AHumbleChef [1502] Out of Time

Hello! This is the first chapter for a prospective literary fiction novel. I'm concerned that it doesn't have the action/stakes needed to keep a reader engaged and interested into the second chapter, and I'd love to have my suspicions dealt with. Also, you know...if it can be improved in any meaningful way.

EDIT: Google Doc link, if that's easier for you fine people.
Google Doc
"You think I'm gonna lie to you."
He looked up from his notebook. In the background, the clock ticked through the seconds. I heard it, over the scratching of his pen.
Tick, tick, tick.
Maybe he sped the clock up. I felt like I'd been sitting here for less than ten minutes. The two last sessions weren't this fast. Were they?
"What makes you think that?" His eyes were wide behind the thick glasses. Dopey. Like he'd fall for anything.
"Well, I mean…" I gestured around the room. "I bet a lot of people lie to you on the regular, right?"
A riot of neon-colored book spines, stuffed without breathing room in creaking bookshelves. Bullshit modern art, hanging on the wall. And the clock.
Tick, tick, tick.
"Not really. Not if they want to get better. Most people who come through here understand that if they want help, they need to ask for it."
"Isn't that a little self-defeating, though? If they're here, they've already asked for help. Why punish them and make them ask again? Why humiliate them like that?"
"Did you?"
It was the obvious question, the easy front-runner. I should have seen it coming from a mile away.
"Did I what?"
Stalling, now. He knew it; he scratched something off the page with his pen.
"Come on, Felix. Did you ask for help?"
Shit. I opened my mouth, but no words came out. I didn't have an answer. He made another note. It sounded short, definitive. The pen scratched over the clock, louder in this second than the previous. I felt like Hook, running away from that goddamned crocodile. I hadn't seen Peter Pan in what, seventeen years? Ever since Anna was a little kid and I babysat when Mom and Dad went out. I still remembered the crocodile. He was supposed to represent Time, wasn't he? We're all running out of time.
The rain drummed against the window panes. The iron and glass buildings were ghostly and half-real in the low-hanging clouds. Falling away to streets I couldn't see.
"Felix?" He sounded frustrated, but he was trying not to show it; a tone I was familiar with.
"How much longer do we have?"
"Why? Got somewhere to be?"
"I--no, no. I just don't wanna waste too much of your time. I'm sure you've got...I'm sure you've got more important people to see."
"I think you're important."
My snort of laughter came out thin, high-pitched. I fiddled with the zipper on my jacket.
"It's your job to think I'm important. You're supposed to say that."
He cocked his head. "Do you think you're not important?"
All of a sudden, I couldn't stay seated. I jumped up, paced around. My heart trip-hammered in my chest, a thousand miles a minute. They said it would feel like this.
A pair of couches, facing off over a glass coffee table. I didn't sit on the couches when I came in--too cliche.
"Why am I here, Doc?" I leaned over, inspecting a snaggletoothed child in a silver picture frame. I clasped my hands behind my back, then in front of me, then crossed them.
"I'm not a doctor."
I turned around. "What? I thought, like, all of you had to be doctors. Diplomas on the wall et cetera."
"A pretty common misconception, actually." He stuck the pen behind his ear and leaned back, stretching. “You really only need a master's degree to practice. There's a series of exams and continuing education afterwards, but most of us only get a doctorate if--"
"Right. Yeah, I got you."
"--they're interested in research. Big studies, experiment design, that kind of thing." He rolled right over me, casually oblivious to my interruption.
"You coulda told me."
"You signed the non-disclosure. My certifications were there, right next to my name."
"Uh-huh." I nodded like I understood, or cared. There were a lot of papers to sign. I must have forgotten that one. I walked the room, and tried to ignore the clock.
Tick, tick, tick.
I wished I could see the city from the windows. It felt like we were on an island, isolated. Like I wasn't really here. Like I was stuck somewhere, dreaming of the city.
"Why am I here?" The same words, the same questions. My voice, an echo of itself.
"You tell me."
"You think I'm gonna lie to you."
"I think you think you're gonna lie to me."
"I'm not a liar." I didn't mean to snap. His expression didn't change, not by a fraction. He waited.
"I'm not a liar." Softer, this time. I wiped my face. Fifty degrees outside, and I felt hot. "I just...sometimes I don't remember things right. I don't mean to lie."
"That's okay. Memory is a tricky thing. And we all lie, sometimes. It's part of being a person. It's not always meant to be hurtful."
He was being careful. Walking a fine line; supportive, but without endorsement. Kind, but not pandering. He listened. Like, really listened.
The room grew smaller. I walked to the door, to the bookshelves, back to the desk. He didn't say anything, didn't ask me to sit down. He waited, patiently. He wasn't checking the clock.
"Felix, can I ask you something?"
"Sure thing, doc."
"Not a doctor."
"Right, yeah. Sorry." One of those cliche wire-and-ball contraptions sat on his desk. I swung one side, watched the tap-tap-tap. It sounded like the clock, but sped up. Screaming through the seconds. I stopped the tapping.
"Why do you think you're here?"
"I'm here because my mom's got more money than sense." I meant to laugh, to take the acrid sting out of the words, but I forgot. Something a child would say, blaming your mother. I wasn't a child.
He didn't laugh. He just waited. We'd been down that road before, a whole hour gone by, talking about her. He wasn't sidestepping with me this time around.
"I'm here...I'm here because I gotta be. It was a deal between me and my parents."
"And you're not getting anything out of it? You're here because you have to be, and that's it?"
"Sorry to disappoint you."
"Felix, this is our third meeting." He adjusted his glasses as he spoke, wiping them on his worn-out cardigan. The cardigan didn't match the office; the cardigan belonged in a shag-carpet office in a strip mall somewhere, next to an atrophying yoga studio and a SportsClips. In that office, I laid on the couch, and he asked me how I felt. In that office, it would be easier to lie-- or, to misremember.
We weren't in that office.
"If you were settling a bargain with your parents, why did you come back? You didn't have to."
"I, uh...I like it here. It's peaceful."
"It's funny, I was just about to say how at peace you look."
I twisted from my place at the corner of the bookshelf, inspecting the spines on my hands and knees. Goddamn there were so many acronyms; CBT, DBT, DSM--how much of his degree did he spend just memorizing acronyms?
"Why are you here, Felix? Here, in this office, with me?" He gestured at the art-laden walls, the bookshelves. The clock.
Tick, tick tick.
"You came back. You're here. You want something. What do you want? It's not a bad thing, to say what you want. It's part of being a person."
"You already said that."
"So I said it again. Felix." An edge to his voice now. "All we do is talk in circles. I say something, you turn it around on me. Over and over again. I'm here. I'm right here, and I want to know."
"Know what?" My mouth felt dry. A fog in my head, growing, expanding to touch the fog outside. Like I was immaterial, and if I stopped thinking about it, I could just...float away.
"You know what." His eyes were no longer dopey. He saw me.
"How long have you known?" My fingers were cold. Wasn't I just hot? I stuffed them in my pockets.
"I knew before you walked in the door two sessions ago."
"Why didn't you say anything?"
"Because, Felix--" He set the notepad and file on the side table beside him, leaned forward. The clock ticked faster, now. "I can't help you if you don't ask for help. That's not the way it works. I can't reach into your thoughts and pull them out. You have to tell me. You have to get there. I can only help you part of the way. You are not the documents in your file. They can't tell your story. Only you can do that."
A thousand thoughts burst into life, distracting from the hard truth he served me. My brain, flashing anything at me to keep me from opening that sealed box in my head. I'd buried that box, pushed it deep.
I had to tell him.
I was out of time.
"I never meant to kill myself."
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2020.11.25 14:30 BooksAreBelongToUs [US Promotion] I would like to celebrate Thanksgiving by gifting you all books!

UPDATE: More books added by siffis and West1234567890 further down
If are late coming across this post then do not worry you can still message me your email for a book.
To celebrate my day off today and Thanksgiving tomorrow I would like to gift my audiobooks.
In order to recieve a free audiobook gift just message me any title (below) along with your email address. If you have not recieved a gift before then you will get the audiobook for free. More details here and here. I am in the US market (but I hear from Canada and UK that it still works).
Books crossed out are not available.
TITLE - AUTHOR (Ordered by author)

siffis has generously offered to include his collection. If you like any of the books below then message directly.

West1234567890 [Also added additional books below](
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2020.11.25 12:00 midlifecrackers 🌷What's Happening Wednesday🌷 New here? Been here a bit? This post will give you six pack abs!

Wednesday Nov 25

Here's the latest from the land of the HEA

First off- the fun stuff:

Weekly posts for you:


Further clarification of each rule can be found in the sidebar.

Sub Guidelines and Help:

Thank you all

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2020.11.25 02:56 AutoModerator Investments and Personal Finance Thread - November 25, 2020

Hello, INP! Use this thread to tell us about any financial instrument you are buying/selling/holding, any good article you read recently, ask doubts about investments and personal finance, seek advice, write an ELI5, or anything related to investments and personal finance.
If you have some questions related to IPF, you can tag the following INP users in these IPF threads who can answer your queries in their spare time:
  • PersonalMeasurement - Quant/derivatives
  • WaitinOnSpotify - Mutual funds (Debt and Equity)
  • hapuchu - Direct equity
  • freefincal [Dr Pattabiraman (] - generic questions on personal finance, mutual funds, tools/spreadsheets; please avoid asking for mere ratification of your investment choices.
If you are an enthusiast or expert and want to add your name to the list, please comment below.

List of Resources

For the absolute noob:
TV Shows:
Please give suggestions of resources to add to or remove from this list.
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2020.11.24 22:40 ddaveyy [USA-CA] [H] Various games for the following consoles: Gamecube, Gameboy, GBC, GBA, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, PS Vita, Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. As well as various consoles and accessories. [W] Paypal, Local Cash, COD: Modern Warfare PC Code

Hey everyone!! Back with a new post and updated prices. These prices are WITHOUT shipping. I will provide a quote for you, but it usually isn't more than $5 unless the items won't fit in a regular bubble mailer.
Everything has been personally tested by me and is confirmed to be fully functional. I can provide pictures upon request.
PLEASE NOTE: I am open to all offers. The worst I can say is no!
LOCAL: 91325
If you'd prefer to see my google sheet - Game List
Here's everything I'm currently selling:

System Title Price Details
Nintendo 64 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time $26 Loose, grey cart.
Nintendo 64 Monopoly $18 Loose.
Nintendo 64 Pokemon Snap $18 Loose.
Gamecube 007 From Russia with Love $15 CIB.
Gamecube Animal Crossing $25 Loose.
Gamecube Beach Spikers $14 CIB, black label.
Gamecube Custom Robo $41 CIB, black label.
Gamecube Def Jam Vedetta $22 CIB, black label. Box and cover art are damaged on the side.
Gamecube Geist $20 Black label, box and disc only.
Gamecube Go! Go! Hypergrind $310 CIB.
Gamecube Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (Have two copies) $20 Both CIB, black label.
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Gamecube Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes (Have two copies) $80/$75 Both CIB, black label. One copy has no cracking on both front discs, other copy has some cracking on the front of disc 2.
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Gameboy Advance Batman Begins $9 Loose
Gameboy Advance Battlebots Beyond the Battlebox $6 Loose
Gameboy Advance Board Game Classics $5 CIB. Box is a little rough.
Gameboy Advance Breath of Fire $26 Loose with manual.
Gameboy Advance Cartoon Network Speedway $4 Loose
Gameboy Advance Classic Nes Series Pacman $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Contra Advance Alien Wars $28 Loose
Gameboy Advance Crash Bandicoot The Huge Adventure $7 Loose. Has some label damage, some of the label is torn off.
Gameboy Advance Disney's Aladdin $50 Loose. (Nice and clean label, saves perfectly.)
Gameboy Advance Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure $3 Loose
Gameboy Advance Donkey Kong Country 2 $15 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure $58 Loose. Label is nice and clean.
Gameboy Advance Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku I & II $26 Loose
Gameboy Advance Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku I $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku II (Have two copies) $13 Both loose
Gameboy Advance Dragon Ball Z Supersonic Warriors (Have two copies) $12 Both loose
Gameboy Advance Family Feud $5 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Final Fight One $24 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Fire Emblem $58 Loose. (Nice and clean label, saves perfectly.)
Gameboy Advance Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones $44 Loose. (Nice and clean label, saves perfectly)
Gameboy Advance Frogger's Adventures Temple of the Frog $7 CIB, box is nice.
Gameboy Advance Gekido Advance Kintaro's Revenge $26 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Grand Theft Auto Advance $33 Loose. (Nice and clean label, saves perfectly)
Gameboy Advance GT3 Advance Pro Concept Racing $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Gumby vs The Astrobots $13 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire $6 Loose
Gameboy Advance Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban $11 Loose
Gameboy Advance Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup $9 CIB, box is a little rough.
Gameboy Advance Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town $20 Loose
Gameboy Advance Hot Wheels World Race $3 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Lunar Legend $27 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Madagascar Operation Penguin $4 Loose
Gameboy Advance Mario Kart Super Circuit $14 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Max Payne $18 Loose. Nice and clean label.
Gameboy Advance Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo Dual Cart $5 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Mouse Trap/Operation/Simon $1 Loose
Gameboy Advance Namco Museum $4 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Namco Museum 50th Anniversary $10 Loose
Gameboy Advance Need for Speed Carbon Own the City $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed $5 Loose
Gameboy Advance NFL Blitz 2003 $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Nicktoons Battle for Volcano Island $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Nicktoons Freeze Frame Frenzy and Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom Dual Cart $5 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Pac-Man Collection (have two copies) $4/$3 Both loose, one copy has a faded label.
Gameboy Advance Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl $5 Loose
Gameboy Advance Pitfall The Mayan Adventure $12 CIB (box is nice)
Gameboy Advance Pokemon Emerald (Have five copies) $250/$80/$70 All five have very nice labels. One is cib, one is loose with a good battery, and three are loose with dry batteries.
Gameboy Advance Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team $14 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Racing Gears $40 Cartridge and original box.
Gameboy Advance Rainbow Six Rogue Spear $13 Loose
Gameboy Advance Scooby Doo $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Simpsons Road Rage $9 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Snood (Have two copies) $4 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Sonic Advance 3 $14 Loose
Gameboy Advance Spider-man Battle for New York $8 Loose
Gameboy Advance Spongebob Squarepants Movie $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom $7 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Spyro Season of Ice $5 Loose
Gameboy Advance Sudoku Fever $4 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Super Mario Advance 2 $11 Loose. Label is a little rough.
Gameboy Advance Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $10 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Texas Hold Em Poker (Have two copies) $4/$2 One CIB (box is nice), one loose.
Gameboy Advance That's So Raven $4 Loose.
Gameboy Advance The Sims 2 $8 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 $8 Loose
Gameboy Advance WarioWare Twisted $38 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Warioware, inc Mega Microgames $34 Loose.
Gameboy Advance World Championship Poker $3 CIB, box is nice.
Gameboy Advance Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy $18 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Yu-Gi-Oh! Eternal Duelist Soul $6 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters $14 Loose.
Gameboy Advance Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Tournament 2004 $7 Loose.
Nintendo DS Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright: Justice For All $18 CIB.
Nintendo DS Ace Attorney Pheonix Wright Trials and Tribulations $28 Sealed.
Nintendo DS Animal Crossing Wild World $17 Missing manual.
Nintendo DS Band Hero $11 CIB
Nintendo DS Big Brain Academy $2 Loose.
Nintendo DS Bleach The Blade of Fate $10 Loose.
Nintendo DS Brain Age $5 CIB.
Nintendo DS Charlotte's Web $4 Loose
Nintendo DS Cooking Mama $8 Missing manual in box.
Nintendo DS Dragon Ball Origins 2 $24 Loose
Nintendo DS Dragon Ball Z Attack of the Saiyans $31 Loose.
Nintendo DS Dynasty Warriors DS Fighters Battle $6 Loose.
Nintendo DS Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates $13 CIB.
Nintendo DS Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars $15 Loose.
Nintendo DS Guitar Hero on Tour (Have two copies) $5 CIB, come with gba attachment and guitar pick. Everything you need!
Nintendo DS Imagine Babyz $2 Loose.
Nintendo DS Inuyasha Secret of the Divine Jewel $45 Loose.
Nintendo DS Lego Batman The Video Game $4 Loose
Nintendo DS Madden 06 $3 Loose.
Nintendo DS Mario & Luigi Partners in Time $40 CIB.
Nintendo DS Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games $8 Loose.
Nintendo DS Mario Hoops 3 on 3 $15 CIB, has original receipt!
Nintendo DS Mario Kart DS (Have two copies) $10 Both loose.
Nintendo DS Mario Party DS $15 CIB.
Nintendo DS Megaman ZX $15 Loose.
Nintendo DS Meteos Disney Magic $4 CIB.
Nintendo DS Metroid Prime Hunters First Hunt $5 Loose.
Nintendo DS Metroid Prime Pinball (Have two copies) $19 Both loose.
Nintendo DS Naruto Ninja Council 3 $5 Loose.
Nintendo DS Need for Speed Most Wanted $7 Loose
Nintendo DS Nintendogs Lab & Friends $5 Loose
Nintendo DS Petz Catz 2 $4 Loose.
Nintendo DS Pheonix Wright Ace Attorney $23 CIB.
Nintendo DS Pokemon Dash $10 Loose.
Nintendo DS Pokemon Diamond $25 Loose. (Has some initials on the front)
Nintendo DS Pokemon Heartgold $107 CIB (no outer cardboard box or pokewalker)
Nintendo DS Pokemon Pearl $40 In box with all inserts but missing it's manual.
Nintendo DS Pokemon Platinum $75 Loose.
Nintendo DS Pokemon Ranger $20 Loose.
Nintendo DS Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia $25 Loose.
Nintendo DS Pokemon SoulSilver $75 Loose.
Nintendo DS Pokemon Trozei $9 Loose.
Nintendo DS Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor $53 CIB
Nintendo DS Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey $58 CIB, soundtrack bundle in cardboard box with soundtrack CD included!
Nintendo DS Simpsons Game $15 Loose
Nintendo DS Skate It $8 CIB.
Nintendo DS Sonic Colors $9 Loose.
Nintendo DS Sonic Rush $11 Loose.
Nintendo DS Spiderman Shattered Dimensions $8 Loose
Nintendo DS Starfox Command $7 Loose.
Nintendo DS Suite Life of Zack & Cody Tipton Trouble $2 Loose
Nintendo DS Super Mario 64 DS (Have two copies) $22/$12 One CIB, one loose.
Nintendo DS The Sims 2 Pets $5 Loose.
Nintendo DS The Urbz Sims in the City $12 Loose
Nintendo DS Tom and Jerry Tales $5 Loose
Nintendo DS Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam $4 Loose
Nintendo DS Zoo Tycoon DS $4 Loose
Nintendo 3DS Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon $20 Sealed. Nintendo Selects.
Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Moon $15 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Sun $15 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Regular Show Mordecai & Rigby in 8-bit Land $8 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked $85 CIB.
Nintendo 3DS Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS (Have two copies) $15 Both CIB.
Nintendo Switch Cave Story + $20 CIB, comes with all the extra goodies. (Soundtrack CD, Manual, and red baggie)
Nintendo Switch My Friend Pedro $17 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure $60 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 $30 CIB.
Nintendo Switch Super Mario Maker 2 (Have two copies) $30 CIB.
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Nintendo Switch Tiny Barbarian DX $15 CIB, comes with instruction manual and red baggie + charm.
Nintendo Switch Wolfenstein II $15 CIB.
PS2 Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 $25 CIB.
PS2 Evergrace $16 CIB.
PS2 Family Guy Video Game $8 Disc in a general case, cover art is not original.
PS2 Grand Theft Auto III $3 Loose.
PS2 Ratchet Deadlocked $7 Loose.
PS2 Silent Hill 2 $74 CIB, black label.
PS3 NBA 2k18 $15 Loose.
PSP Aeon Flux: Complete Animated Collection UMD Video $5 Sealed.
PSP Ape Escape On The Loose $7 CIB.
PSP Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles $33 CIB.
PSP Chili Con Carnage $24 CIB.
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PSP Family Guy Video Game $7 Loose, comes in gamestop box and aftermarket umd case.
PSP Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions $26 Sealed.
PSP G-Force $4 Missing manual.
PSP Ghostbusters The Video Game $7 Loose in gamestop box.
PSP Ghost Rider $6 Loose in gamestop box.
PSP God of War Chains of Olympus (Have two copies) $15/$10 One is loose and one is cib greatest hits.
PSP Invizimals $6 CIB. Includes capture card. (Can include OEM PSP camera for extra)
PSP Killzone Liberation $3 Missing manual, in original box.
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PSP X-Men Legends II $11 Loose. Comes in gamestop box.
PS Vita Attack on Titan $30 Sealed. Japanese Version.
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PS Vita Tearaway $14 CIB.
PS Vita Uncharted Golden Abyss $22 Loose.
PS Vita Unit 13 $18 CIB.
Xbox 360 Alan Wake $35 Limited Collector's Edition. Includes everything as far as I can tell.
Xbox 360 Call of Duty MW3 $10 Steelbook version.
Xbox 360 Dragon's Dogma $4 CIB.
Xbox 360 Earth Defense Force 2017 $8 CIB.
Xbox One Minecraft $6 Only disc and case, no cover art.
Xbox One Monster Hunter World $7 CIB
Xbox One Rock Band 4 (Have two copies) $8 CIB.
Xbox One Titanfall $1 CIB.
PC Command & Conquer 4 $10 Comes with manual in original case.
Nintendo DS Lite Fair $30 Onyx black color. Hinge is cracked but it still holds up. Otherwise in fair condition. Will include oem stylus and gba slot cover. Also comes with oem charger.
Nintendo DSi Fair $25 Matte Black color. Includes OEM stylus and a usb charger. Has some scratches on the outside shell, but otherwise in fair condition. Screens are nice.
Nintendo 3DS Nice $85 Cosmo Black color. In nice condition. Includes OEM stylus and a usb charger. In overall nice condition, both screens are nice as well.
Nintendo Switch Lite Minty $185 Yellow color. CIB. Very nice condition. Also comes with a protector grip case.
Game Boy Advance SP AGS-001 Nice $50 Silver color. In nice condition for it's age. Has some minor scratches on the outside shell, but nothing too major. Screen is in excellent shape. Comes with OEM charger.
Game Boy Advance SP AGS-101 Fair $80 Spongebob edition. There are definitely signs of use but it is otherwise in fair condition. Will include OEM charger!
Sony PSP 2001 Rough $30 Silver color. Comes with a 3rd party charger, a 3rd party battery and a 3rd party 1gb memory card. Battery has been tested to hold a good charge and is basically brand new. Screen does have some scratches but they are not noticeable when the console is turned on. Some scratches throughout the console, but nothing too bad.
Sony PSP 3001 Fair $55 Black color. Comes with a 3rd party charger, a 3rd party battery, and a 3rd party 8gb memory card. Battery has been tested to hold a good charge and is basically brand new. There is some paint flaking on the back but it's not too bad. Screen shows one dead pixel. There is one noticeable scratch along the left side of the screen but it's really not too bad.
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rough Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team Rescuers Guide
Pokemon Trainers Survival Guide Rough Author is Mac MacDonald
Metroid Prime and Fusion Good Prima's Official Strategy Guide
Pokemon Yellow Guide Rough Prima's Official Strategy Guide
Take all the above strategy guides for $30 + shipping.
OEM Nintendo Game Boy Carrying Case $10 Very nice condition.
OEM Nintendo Game Boy Color Carrying Case $10 Very nice condition.
Nyko Game Boy Worm Light $10 Blue color. Nice condition, works as it should.
OEM Game Boy Four Player Adapter $10 Don't think it's ever been used, looks brand new.
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller $60 Like new condition. Comes in the super mario odyssey box (code has been used) Does not include oem cable.
OEM Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP Faux Leather Case $10 In very nice condition. Holds all your SP goodies!
OEM Gamecube Serial port covers $10 All three covers in black color. Selling the three as a set.
OEM Gamecube Memory Card $7 59 Block silver card
3rd party Madcatz gamecube memory cards $5 2 translucent black 59 block memory cards, one white 59 block memory card, one translucent blue 59 block memory card.
OEM Gamecube to GBA Link Cable $20 In nice condition.
OEM Gamecube Controller $20 Has a roughish stick but it is still nice and tight.
OEM Gamecube Wavebird Wireless Controller $60 Silver controller, in nice condition. Comes with working receiver.
OEM Nintendo 64 Rumble Pak $20 In nice condition, includes battery door.
OEM Dualshock PS2 Controller $15/$10 One translucent blue color, the other silver color. Both in nice condition.
WANTS: Looking for a Modern Warfare PC Code! Thanks.
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2020.11.24 19:29 Son_of_Erek [5e] [Online] [Flexible] [LGBTQ+ Friendly] DM looking for 3-4 players to build a campaign around

Edit: I’m blown away at having over 100 applications in just a few hours of posting so I’m closing it up now to new submissions. I’m going to sort through what I’ve got and will reach out to those I feel might work. Thank you everyone for the interest. I hope you can all find the game you’re looking for, whether with me or not!
Hello there!
I’ve been a DM since 2016 and am looking to start up a new campaign after getting some time as a player. I prefer to build my campaigns around my players so as of right now I’m still sifting through some ideas for what the story and setting will look like. We’ll be playing on Discord and Roll20. If there are a lot of good players looking to play I may schedule a non-canonical one-shot to see how everyone plays together.
A bit about me: I’m 27[M], live on the west coast, and have DM’ed more than I’ve been a PC. I love building and telling a story and prefer to do so based on the players and how things go in the sessions. I enjoy playing with newbies and veterans alike as long as everyone’s personalities and expectations jive. I am down to go off on tangents and explore the world we create but will try to maintain an overarching story so we all stay engaged while playing.
If you’re interested, fill out an application and I’ll contact you if I feel like we’d mesh well together.
Here’s a few things to keep in mind:
Application link:
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2020.11.24 15:43 ratinthehat800 Online web development tool?

Hey folks. I’m going back to school in the spring for CIS. My first class is intro to web development. We are using Murach’s HTML5 and CSS3 4th Edition ss our text book. I start in the spring but I’m trying to get a head start by going through the text book now. The textbook suggests the reader use Brackets as the HTML text editing tool. I have it at home in my desktop and so far I love it. But I’d like to work in it while at work on lunch and when we are slow. However I only have access to a work issued laptop which requires admin approval to install anything. I’ve tried to install Brackets but can’t without admin approval. Is there an acceptable HTML text editor that works in my browser that utilizes the Emmet extension. Similar to google docs or how Arduino has an IDE you can use in Chrome. Or is it possible to use Brackets off of a flash drive or just paste the files for brackets from a flash drive into my work laptop? I know this is probably an Uber noob question but this is my first time back in college in 9 years or so. I’m limited to what degree I can go for by what’s available online due to my work schedule and family life. I’m going for Computer Information Systems and web development just happens to be my first class. I know I can learn this content myself but a rigid school schedule works best for me. Sorry for rambling thanks for your suggestions.
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2020.11.24 12:05 Ninjahund [LFP][Online][5E] Homebrew Campaign - Veteran DM looking for 5 players for a mid-high tier campaign in a medieval/renaissance world.

The war against the countless demons to the North has taken a heavy toll on the nations in the Borderlands; cracks have begun appearing in their defenses, as the tide of the bloodthirsty hordes continues to sweep over the Abyssal mountains and into Eithor. To the south, war is looming; Ironmaw has called the banners and the surrounding nations watch anxiously to see what comes next. To the east among the vast deserts of Zakhara, signs of a Great Evil approaching is high in the sky. The Knights of the West and the tradesmen East watch the events in the south unfold with concern - all while the Silver City does its best to prevent conflict, and the Dawnbringers continue their crusade against evil - Devils, demons, dragons alike. The horns of War have been sounded.
Key points:
I'm looking for 5 players (ages 18+) to join a new campaign of 5th ed D&D in a homebrew setting.
Both new players and veterans are welcome-
The group meets at 20:00 pm Central European Timezone on a day between Monday to Friday, which will be agreed upon together and will be using Roll20 (and Discord for voice/information/chatting between sessions)
Serious roleplay, challenging combat with detailed maps and tokens.
Mid to high tier campaign gameplay, starting at 5, with accelerated leveling early on.
The game is intended to be run from level 5 to level 15 at least, all the way up to 20 being a possibility. This is a long-term campaign.
4-5 hours of dnd per session, a longer session once every month/second month, at no additional charge, when scheduling allows.
Your IRL gender, sexuality, etc is of no concern, all are welcome as they are.
Will be playing in my homebrew medieval/renaissance High-Fantasy world
DnDBeyond with all books unlocked.
This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $25/session per person. Payments will be made via PayPal.
Who I am
Hello, I'm Martin, I'm 27. I've been DM'ing in TTRPs for 13 years, starting at quite a young age as a way to let my imaginations run loose. I'm a university student, doing my Masters in History and English. I like to run campaigns that are serious, with good roleplay and challenging combat; campaigns where the players get to feel like heroes through hard work and doing good deeds in the world. I'm very much a fan of 'traditional DnD' with Dungeons and Dragons being important to the world, and an open world with different storylines the party can follow. I also stick around the Discord for a while post-session to discuss the game or anything, as a nice little chat.
What I offer
Reliability - will be ready every week, barring any emergencies.
Availability - I will be around on Discord for any questions and the like you might have during the week, regarding characters, campaign or anything else.
Experience - I have played Dungeons and Dragons for many years, and DM'ing for the vast majority of them. My campaign will include fantastic battlemaps from map creators for every scenario, tokens, lighting as well as voices for characters in the world.
A homebrewed world and campaign, in a world full of wonders, mysteries, magic, intrigue and evil. The evil will take shape in Demons, Devils and Dragons, whom are the major villains in my world.
DnDBeyond with all books unlocked for character creation and more.
As far as the play setup
Be playing 5th ed D&D, 90% RAW. Rule-of-cool allowed, if a player wants to do something not by the book, simply state what you'd like to do, and we'll figure out if it's possible - the dice will often decide.
Point Buy, level 5 start.
All official material + Unearthed Arcana are allowed.
Few 'goodies' at character creation, such as magic item + 1 feat for free.
5th ed game variations
Using milestone leveling.
Character creation is 27 point buy.
House rules are few, and none of them are big game-changers.
What I expect of you
Be respectful to others you're playing with
Want to work as a team
Love roleplaying and combat, and wish to take the roleplaying serious. OOC jokes and the like belong in the breaks or so, not when we're all in character and playing
Have a good set of headphones/microphone - no background noise clutter
Will show up weekly on time, communicate during downtime and respond to messages
Feedback - something you like? something you dislike? something you wish to see? Please do tell me, so that I can improve your experience.
I don't want any;
Edgy characters / orphan-burning chaotic evil characters or 'murder hobo' ones
PVP or people resorting to PVP to settle arguements in-character
Unreliable people
Any form of sexual play, this includes things such as trying to seduce everyone or visit brothels. It's a no from me.
How the game is run
On Roll20 for battle maps, maps, tokens
Discord for voice and messaging
This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $25/session per person. Payments will be made via PayPal, prior to the start of every session. Session 0 is 5$, session 1 is 15$.
How to join?
Below is a google form to fill out, which will help make sure the group fits together, by aligning members up that share interests in the game and time availability.
When you post your Discord tag, please make sure it's the correct one.
Please fill out this form so I can find players that mesh well together
Feel free to PM me for any questions.
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2020.11.24 08:23 LunarMimi There's a sub for that

Do people need trigger warnings here?
I should have looked into subs for PTSD a long long long time ago.
I was diagnosed with PTSD... 6 years ago? CPTSD describes it much better because after 5 years old my life was, gently put, a rollercoaster. The ones that cut people's body parts off.
Went to therapy a while and then could no longer afford to go. Tried many medications. Not on any right now. I was on medication forever that helped muscle tension. I always have my shoulders up and teeth gritted like in flight or flight mode. My doc gave up after trying physical therapy and just gave me muscle relaxers.
Now since not being able to go to the doc it's gotten worse. My muscles tighten so much that I can feel them tighten around my spine and, not exactly sure how this works but, causes my vision to go out and headache/migraine.
I've experienced all the different types of a abuse but learned to avoid the physical pretty well. It made me into a quiet, reserved, well mannered child with great grades to boot. Which also helped hide the truth from teachers etc. (This was with my mother and a plethora of boyfriends)
Wow putting it to words has really been something. Therapist had me writing a 'book of my life' but I wont know exactly what he was planning. Though was nerve wracking writing it then sitting in an office quietly while watching someone read about your abuse for 30 minutes to an hour. Make your cash boiii.
I hope I can find some coping mechanisms here or really just even the smallest thing. I've been doing what's called Shadow Work for years now but always feel stuck at acknowledging what happened, not my fault, it won't be like that again, so on and so forth.
I like to meditate. I've turned real woowoo. I'm happy with whatever you believe and have no problem. But I definitely lost faith in the Christian beliefs. Thinking back I couldn't ever really feel anything but scared. I've been to what I would call a 'normal' church but my childhood was with the unsettling one (when I was with my father-every other weekend until my mother did something gross) tongues, slobbering sweaty jumping shouting church rattling preacher. People on the ground screaming. They should've televised it!
Anyways I could still write that 'book of my life' and go on and on. I know others have had it way worse. I just hope my daughter doesn't look back on her childhood and say 'At least I wasn't raped, hit often or trafficked!' Though I do believe my mom was near borderline selling me at some points. Well at least my child can run around scream wanting to watch spongebob. Though she feels so anxiety ridden since birth and I wonder if it's the effects from my emotional states while pregnant. Like my DNA changed to make a child you couldn't possibly neglect or leave alone for days xD when I say attached I mean she's never slept alone since birth.
Her father can be pissy and I can be depressed but I always have the will to care for her and love her unconditionally and put her first. I'm trying not to put the whole 'your my reason for carrying on' thing on her. Trying for a comfy nostalgic childhood but it's to a heck of a start. After she started to walk Quarantine hit. Lovely.
So we've been extra poor and she never sees anyone hardly ever but me.
Bonus points: I just adopted a dog with cleft lip who was never with it's mother, bred before 1 year of age, nurses in blankets, shakes constantly, also never leaves my side AND has to also sleep in some way on me. face palm Like children I don't have this figured out. I know I should've probably worked things out better before making a human or taking in an unwanted fur baby but idk if I ever will and want to live a life.
So 1am and my first alone time of the day. Felt cute may delete.
Anyone else really into dark humor? I severe side effect from trauma :,)
This is a summary to My Life's story and you can pick it up anywhere books are sold starting January 20XX.
New York times calls it 'The same story we hear countless times from families in poverty and abusive homes.'
Critics say ' Yeah we've already heard this story. You went days without food. Great depression already did it.'
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2020.11.24 07:06 juniorking1 Out For Blood Theranos/ Eliz Holmes Doc
Amazing doc about the greed/lust of ambition for good. Its like George Costanza once said- its not a lie if you believe it. The fact is that they committed huge fraud and never made any breakthrough and covered it up behind their huge publicity/influence/money. They were trying to make blood tests cheaper, easier, and readily available to the public. It made for an interesting dichotomy of being so publicly praised yet internally scared shitless and had crazy amount of security with keystroke logging, ID card readings, full building bodyguards, and other protocols.
I was amazed while watching it that noone looked at what they were doing and said bullshit. This girl looks batshit insane with her deep fake voice, steve jobs look, and perma crazy eyes. But you gotta love her commitment to the bit. I wonder how long it will take for her book to come out from prison where she tells all. The director mentions her eyes and how she doesnt blink, and you can just see the levels of crazy involved. Also she was banging this idiot CFO Sammy who was just lucky to be involved in the first place with his initial accumulation of money.
They went from being a 10 BILLION dollar company to bankrupt in a couple years. Crazy. Check it out and look for the next ones coming soon with Adam Neuman/WeWork and Trevor Milton/Nikola.
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2020.11.24 02:13 swordofsun Classics? December Book Poll

Here are the nominations (and there are a lot this month):

The Princess Bride by William Goldman - 1973
What happens when the most beautiful girl in the world marries the handsomest prince of all time and he turns out to be...well...a lot less than the man of her dreams?
As a boy, William Goldman claims, he loved to hear his father read the S. Morgenstern classic, The Princess Bride. But as a grown-up he discovered that the boring parts were left out of good old Dad's recitation, and only the "good parts" reached his ears.
Now Goldman does Dad one better. He's reconstructed the "Good Parts Version" to delight wise kids and wide-eyed grownups everywhere.
What's it about? Fencing. Fighting. True Love. Strong Hate. Harsh Revenge. A Few Giants. Lots of Bad Men. Lots of Good Men. Five or Six Beautiful Women. Beasties Monstrous and Gentle. Some Swell Escapes and Captures. Death, Lies, Truth, Miracles, and a Little Sex.
In short, it's about everything.
The Last Unicorn by Peter Beagle - 1968
Maidens who caught a glimpse of her glory were blessed by enchantment they would never forget. But outside her wondrous realm, dark whispers and rumours carried a message she could not ignore: "Unicorns are gone from the world. "
Aided by a bumbling magician and an indomitable spinster, she set out to learn the truth. but she feared even her immortal wisdom meant nothing in a world where a mad king's curse and terror incarnate lived only to stalk the last unicorn to her doom...
A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K Le Guin - 1968
Ged, the greatest sorcerer in all Earthsea, was called Sparrowhawk in his reckless youth.
Hungry for power and knowledge, Sparrowhawk tampered with long-held secrets and loosed a terrible shadow upon the world. This is the tale of his testing, how he mastered the mighty words of power, tamed an ancient dragon, and crossed death's threshold to restore the balance.
The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood - 1985
Offred is a Handmaid in the Republic of Gilead. She may leave the home of the Commander and his wife once a day to walk to food markets whose signs are now pictures instead of words because women are no longer allowed to read. She must lie on her back once a month and pray that the Commander makes her pregnant, because in an age of declining births, Offred and the other Handmaids are valued only if their ovaries are viable. Offred can remember the years before, when she lived and made love with her husband, Luke; when she played with and protected her daughter; when she had a job, money of her own, and access to knowledge. But all of that is gone now...
A Wrinkle in TIme by Madeleine L'Engle - 1962
Out of this wild night, a strange visitor comes to the Murry house and beckons Meg, her brother Charles Wallace, and their friend Calvin O'Keefe on a most dangerous and extraordinary adventure - one that will threaten their lives and our universe.
Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynn Jones - 1986
Sophie has the great misfortune of being the eldest of three daughters, destined to fail miserably should she ever leave home to seek her fate. But when she unwittingly attracts the ire of the Witch of the Waste, Sophie finds herself under a horrid spell that transforms her into an old lady. Her only chance at breaking it lies in the ever-moving castle in the hills: the Wizard Howl's castle. To untangle the enchantment, Sophie must handle the heartless Howl, strike a bargain with a fire demon, and meet the Witch of the Waste head-on. Along the way, she discovers that there's far more to Howl—and herself—than first meets the eye.
The Gunslinger by Stephen King - 1982
Roland of Gilead: The Last Gunslinger. He is a haunting figure, a loner on a spellbinding journey into good and evil. In his desolate world, which mirrors our own in frightening ways, Roland tracks The Man in Black, encounters an enticing woman named Alice, and begins a friendship with the boy from New York named Jake.
Dune by Frank Herbert - 1965
Set in the far future amidst a sprawling feudal interstellar empire where planetary dynasties are controlled by noble houses that owe an allegiance to the imperial House Corrino, Dune tells the story of young Paul Atreides (the heir apparent to Duke Leto Atreides and heir of House Atreides) as he and his family accept control of the desert planet Arrakis, the only source of the 'spice' melange, the most important and valuable substance in the cosmos. The story explores the complex, multi-layered interactions of politics, religion, ecology, technology, and human emotion as the forces of the empire confront each other for control of Arrakis.
The Chrysalids by John Wyndham - 1955
The Chrysalids is set in the future after a devastating global nuclear war. David, the young hero of the novel, lives in a tight-knit community of religious and genetic fundamentalists, who exist in a state of constant alert for any deviation from what they perceive as the norm of God’s creation, deviations broadly classified as “offenses” and “blasphemies.” Offenses consist of plants and animals that are in any way unusual, and these are publicly burned to the accompaniment of the singing of hymns. Blasphemies are human beings—ones who show any sign of abnormality, however trivial. They are banished from human society, cast out to live in the wild country where, as the authorities say, nothing is reliable and the devil does his work. David grows up surrounded by admonitions: KEEP PURE THE STOCK OF THE LORD; WATCH THOU FOR THE MUTANT.
At first he hardly questions them, though he is shocked when his sternly pious father and rigidly compliant mother force his aunt to forsake her baby. It is a while before he realizes that he too is out of the ordinary, in possession of a power that could doom him to death or introduce him to a new, hitherto-unimagined world of freedom.
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Phillip K Dick - 1968
Somewhere among the hordes of humans out there, lurked several rogue androids. Deckard's assignment--find them and then..."retire" them. Trouble was, the androids all looked exactly like humans, and they didn't want to be found! Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? takes place in 1992 (2021 in later editions), years after the radioactive fallout of World War Terminus destroyed most of Earth. The U.N. encourages emigration to off-world colonies, in hope of preserving the human race from the terminal effects of the fallout. One emigration incentive is giving each emigrant an "andy" — a servant android.

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